Spark Logix Studios

We’re a WordPress Web Design Company, we provide amazing project Communication support all while offering custom website development solutions.

Who Are We?

Spark Logix Studios has 2 offices, one located in Minneapolis, MN and the other in Fort Collins, CO. Our company primarily builds responsive websites in addition to integrated internet marketing. We have experienced staff that handles specific tasks, this creates a stable and streamlined system.


We pride ourselves on phenomenal communication. Each client works directly with an Account Manager to ensure the project requirements are met promptly. While working through the required tasks each client has access to Basecamp (a project collaboration tool). A Project Manager oversees every moving part of your project to make sure we’re always ahead of our deadlines.

Meet the Core Spark Logix Studios Team

Rob Benson Founder / Creative Director

Keeps Me Going: Getting Outside, My 3 Kids, My Spectacular Wife and Crossfit.

Rob was born in 1980 and grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He spent 7 years in Florida and now resides in Fort Collins, CO. He founded Spark Logix Studios, in Minneapolis, MN in early 2010 after working independently for a few years helping small businesses with their internet web development and marketing needs. “I saw a huge shift in the absolute need for better online marketing strategies and web development” said Rob Benson, outlining the reason for creating the business. Since the official start of Spark Logix Studios the company has had rapid growth. “Our growth is due to our phenomenal clients, we owe so much to them, they helped get us where we are today.” -Rob

Before working freelance, Rob spent 2003-2008 working with a mortgage firm on their advertising and sales strategies. He traveled between 7 offices analyzing sales and advertising methods. Here he grew to understand the advertising needs and budgets of small business with less than 200 employees. He currently oversees the creative design and development for all web projects at Spark Logix Studios. He is also a major collaborator on the company’s inbound marketing campaigns for clients.

Rob has been happily married since 2003 and has 3 children.

Jon Ramsey Lead Project Manager

Keeps Me Going: Movies, Books, Music, and Fambly.

Jon was born in Pheonix Arizona, but grew up in St. Cloud Minnesota before moving to Minneapolis in 2003 where he now lives with his lovely wife and dog, and a cat which he hates. Having worked on a wide variety of different projects over the years, from music and filmmaking to quantum and theoretical physics, Jon is always interested in learning new things and taking on new challenges. So when he was offered the opportunity to jump into the world of Search Engine Optimization and Web Design he dove right in, having always wanted to learn more about software and website coding. At Spark Logix Studios, Jon enjoys working on a wide variety of websites, facing different challenges every day and helping meet each individual client’s needs.

Kendra Benson Lead Developer

Keeps Me Going: One-On-One Time With My Children, My Inspiring Husband, Getting Outside & Exploring, Crossfit and Paleo.

Kendra was born and raised in NE Florida. When she was 28, she moved to Minnesota for 3 years and now lives in Fort Collins, CO. After starting web development for a personal family website, she had a desire to learn more. She is self-taught and continues to learn new techniques as the technology advances. Kendra says “I have always been interested in the arts, design is always where my heart was. But when I started writing code for websites, there was so much more satisfaction for me in creating an entire website with just letters and numbers. Although I still love design, my true talent lies in coding.”

Before Kendra began developing websites, she worked as an accountant at a community college in Florida for 5 years. Working day in and day out with numbers was an important stepping stone in her progression to web development. Kendra worked on and off building sites for family, friends, and small clients for 6 years before working full-time for Spark Logix studios when it was founded in 2010. Kendra is now the Lead Developer for the company.

Kendra was married in 2003 and has 3 children.

Ben Heath Lead WordPress Coordinator

Keeps Me Going: My Wife and Daughter, My Guitar, Great Music, and the Ever-Changing Tech World.

Ben was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota in 1980. He later moved to Florida where he met his wife and spent 10 years. There, he worked in the civil engineering field as a road and bridge construction inspector. He oversaw the work being done and was responsible for its adherence to contract documents. During that time he studied math and computer science at UNF, and felt there was something else out there he would enjoy more. He grew up with computers as his father was a computer science university professor at Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota.

Getting involved in search engine optimization was an evolving process. He had the internet in his home as soon as it was available because of his father’s profession. From there to his studies in college, the interest developed into the field of SEO and analytics. It is an ever changing field of technology and remains, to him, ever interesting.

Suzanne Gibbins Lead Content Writer

Keeps Me Going: My Husband and Son (the yangs to my yin), the Outdoors, Dogs (limiting myself to two is a challenge), and New Discoveries.

Suzanne was raised in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and, not wanting to stray far from the call of the ocean, resides there today. After graduating high school in 1998, she couldn’t deny her entrepreneurial spirit and immediately set to work launching several small businesses, including a concessions and commercial cleaning company. Always having a love for learning, Suzanne continued her education at Coastal Carolina University and graduated in 2009 with a degree in education with focuses in history and science. After teaching for a year, she decided to nurture a talent for writing that she discovered while at the university and, since 2010, has worked as a freelance writer creating thousands of articles, blog postings, pages of website content, advertising copy, and more. At Spark Logix Studios, Suzanne enjoys writing on a variety of subjects as it satisfies her eclectic tastes and fondness for learning.

Jim Benson Technical Finance Director

Keeps me going: New projects, a loving family, and the fresh country air.

Jim grew up on a Minnesota farm in the 1950’s. There he learned how to work and how to work as a team. He earned a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Math and Sciences at St Cloud State University, teaching math and computer technology at the High School level. He was one of the first High School teachers in Minnesota to teach computer sciences. He served in the Air Force for 4 years as a communications officer, managing and designing military computerized communications systems. He returned to Minnesota to help build a successful computer services business in governmental financial systems. System designs that he conceived and developed 30 years ago have been continuously upgraded and are still in use.

Jim has over 40 years of experience designing, developing, marketing, supporting and maintaining; easy to use, financial software applications. He continues to teach accounting principles using these electronic techniques. Working with Sparklogix allows Jim to apply his experience in systems and financial accounting to the newest of communications technology.

Jim and his wife, Winnie, have been happily married for 43 years. They have two married children and six grandchildren.

Adelle Lawas Virtual Assistant Team Leader

Keeps Me Going: My Two Wonderful Kids, My Husband, My Family and Friends, My Dreams and Ambitions

Adelle is a virtual assistant from the Philippines. She was born in Cagayan de Oro but grew up in Zamboanga City. She now resides in Iligan City.

Adelle was a teacher by profession with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, and a major in general science. She taught science subjects in the tertiary level for 10 years.

In 2010, Adelle quit teaching and became a VA specializing in search engine optimization. She aims to educate herself to become a web developer in the future.

Adelle is happily married and has two children.

Spark Logix Studios also employs several freelance contractors, these individuals are an integral part in assisting with development tasks.

If you’re interested in working with Spark Logix Studios please apply online. We are currently expanding our contract development team and are looking for talented, honest, and hard working individuals.