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Rocket Dog Media Indoor Ads WordPress

Rocket Dog Media Indoor Ads

Rocket Dog Media is a business partner with Spark Logix Studios. Rocket Dog Media employs a variety of advertising strategies to ensure a business gets maximum exposure in local communities.


Logo Design

Let us help you discover your brand identity through a great logo design.

Web Design. Payment Portal. Logo Design. SEO. Creative Content.

RDM strategically places indoor billboards in locations where people face few distractions and where they cannot easily look away.

We created the brand message for Rocket Dog Media, targeted indoor advertising. RDM offers restroom advertising and indoor billboards that nicely compliment local small business’ advertising strategies. While Spark Logix Studios is a comprehensive digital advertising resource, Rocket Dog Media is the local, indoor, targeted option.

Spark created the logo, color scheme, web design, development flow, content, blog posts, and payment portal for RDM. The site is used by the RDM sales team to help their customers understand the offer and how it will benefit their business.

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