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Soberton Inc.

Soberton Inc. provides high quality sound devices and electromagnetic switching components in three main areas: magnetic transducers, piezoelectric buzzers, and electret condenser microphones.

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Search Engine Optimization

Get found on Google via a properly constructed website, and a solid marketing plan.

The creation of a new website for Soberton Inc. was to facilitate the company’s desire to effectively market via search engines. The previous website didn’t have proper HTML making it hard for search engines to read. We also upgraded the CMS to reflect current web practices. The new CMS (WordPress) makes it easy for users to add products and attributes for the products.

The website is set to have a custom post type and taxonomy for products which enable the user to easily select the desired attributes and add information including .pdfs. Custom product attributes will output the product list displaying all attributes. The website also features custom site options allowing the site Admin to change many aspects of the website simply by making selections or adding text. Below are images to show not only the viewable website (for visitors) but also the admin dashboard and some of the controls.

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