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Committed excellence in code development and beautiful responsive design. We do more with WordPress than most do with everything else combined. Please challenge us with your next project and see what we’re capable of.

SLS Framework

Years of Framework Development

We’ve developed a backbone infrastructure that takes the guesswork out of the WordPress design and development process. We’re located in Minneapolis, MN and you can give us all of your ideas, examples and inspiration from websites you love, incredible features you dream up, and then we apply those needs into our rock solid core development framework for master precision and adaptability for all screen sizes.

Our WordPress development process has been created and refined over the last several years through intense development practices. We’ve employed a large group of core developers each with unique skills and proficiencies to create a complex and unique platform (made for the ease of use of our clients and the adaptability for future advancements). Our platform and development process is refined and not found anywhere else. In addition to a solid web building process we’ve been on the cutting edge of responsive design since its inception. We pride ourselves as early adopters and pioneers in responsive design and WordPress capabilities. Our experience allows us the ability to build projects faster and at a higher quality than our competitors.

Capacity to Build Almost Anything

We pride ourselves on the ability to take a complex concept and simplify it to save our client’s time and money. Our WP development teams specializes in specific areas to accommodate intelligent and integrated platforms. Our base for development always begins on WordPress due to its unique compatibility and capacity. WordPress is the largest CMS (Content Management System) on the internet and powers over 20% of ALL websites online. We’ve developed on other platforms but nothing compares to our ability to create dynamic and demanding processes using WordPress and our Spark Logix Studios Framework.

In addition to our unique ability to create incredibly detailed concepts using WordPress, we also pride ourselves on making sure everything we build is perfectly equipped for the search engine’s ability to find and value page’s content. Our Minneapolis marketing team works in close conjunction with development to ensure the “really neat website” being built also compliments the marketing efforts.

Build Anything

Enterprise Level eCommerce

It’s no secret, eCommerce is big business. The development of your website may just be the ONLY way to bring in revenue, your website better be perfect! A quality eCommerce website needs fast load times, quality infrastructure and proper user experience. If you have a unique need, we’ll show you a trusted method to make it a reality. Our eCommerce solutions painlessly and elegantly work on mobile devices and tablets just as well as a desktop screen. Our eCommerce solutions are easier to use and simply work better than other platforms due to its simple and efficient code structure.

We develop eCommerce websites in Minnesota, we feel we can say we’re the perfect solution for all your Enterprise eCommerce needs. Spark Logix Studios are proficient experts with WordPress design and development and eCommerce, rivaling any dev. firm worldwide.

Future Proof Framework

You Dream It – We Build It

The Future Proof Web Design You Deserve

We know technology is changing at a fast pace and we’ve developed a framework to handle it all. Even after we’ve built your site we’re still refining and improving the platform it was built on. We’re always on pace to keep up with browser and device needs. All custom websites we build are created with adaptability and the future in mind.

If you’re not working with us you will not have our framework platform for future build needs. In a few years when you decide you need a new look for the site this framework will let you use everything you currently have and easily change the style (and functionality if needed). Working with Spark Logix Studios is simple and it could save your business thousands of dollars today and in the future.

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