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If you’ve been on Facebook long enough, you’ve probably noticed that pictures are one of people’s favorite things to “like” on your page. But, coming up with new picture ideas and knowing when to use them is sometimes a challenge. If you need some inspiration, use these 10 photo ideas, which can make your page more visually appealing and boost audience engagement.

1. Recycle Images from Your Blog

Consider all the photos, infographs, and sketches you have used on your blog. Many of these are worth more than a one-time glance and can ignite renewed interest when posted on your Facebook Page. But, instead of posting individual, out of context, images, sift through your blog and group related pictures into one album. Then, you’ll have created something of a photo essay that is interesting for Facebook users and may also encourage them to visit your blog where they can read the entire post.

2. Always Include a Picture with Announcements

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Many Facebook users have a ton of content to scroll through when reading their newsfeeds, which can make it challenging for any message, no matter how interesting, to stand out. You can help your important announcements get more attention by always including a compelling picture along with the message. This is especially important when you want your readers to take some type of action such as following a link.

3. Provide a Peek into Your Work Life and Employees

People love seeing what life is really like for other people and businesses (why do you think reality TV is so popular), so posting occasional pics of your office-life is a great way to engage your audience. The good news is, this works just as well if your work environment is totally hip or rather mundane, because no matter if they are “oohing and aahing” at your digs or chuckling at your goofy desk accessories, you have caught their interest.

4. Post Pics of Your Team

Also, you’ll find engagement increases if your fans know the faces behind the company. Let your followers get to know the people on your team by creating an album with pictures of all your employees along with a brief bio for each person in the description box? Allow your followers get to know the different personalities in your team by occasionally letting them know who is posting what, and even providing links to their social profiles.

5. Share Pictures of Life Outside of Work

Going along with the idea of giving insight into your team’s personalities, you can also show your fans you’re “real” people by providing pictures of fun things you do outside of work. For example, if several of you get together over the weekend to go to a sporting event, why not post some pictures of everyone having a good time. Also, if one of your employees does something extraordinary, such as winning a marathon, make sure and put a picture of it on your Facebook page.

6. Post or Create a Meme

Funny memes

A meme is a picture, a video, a saying, and just about any other type of “information” that becomes highly popular and is quickly shared from person to person. Often it mutates, has parodies, and seems to take on a life of its own. With something so “shareable” on your page, your business has the potential to reach unlimited people. There’s probably already a meme out there related to your industry, but if not, get creative and come up with your own. You may find inspiration by using an online meme generator.

7. Use Comics and Cartoons

Comics are great because they are fun, require little reading, and provide visual interest on your page. Also, you don’t need to have any real artistic talent as stick-figure-type people can work just fine (or search the net for a free comic maker); the most important thing is that you have something witty or interesting to say. You’ll likely be surprised by the response you get from your audience, and people’s comments may inspire an idea for a new comic.

8. Use Pictures to Show Surveys and Statistics

Suppose you found some great data about your industry that you know would interest your followers. What are the chances people will actually click away from Facebook and then take the time to decipher the data? Probably, slim to none. Instead, summarize the survey or statistic for them in picture form. Not only will you have a new image to put on your page, but you become a go-to source for information.

9. Don’t Just Explain, Use Screenshots

Whether you are creating a tutorial, showcasing new features on your site, or providing any type of explanation, screenshots will get far more attention than written directions alone and can give you the reputation as someone who is helpful. Also, pictures make it much more likely others will grasp your meaning; and what’s the point of posting something if people don’t understand it?

10. Use Animal Pics

How to engage with facebook photos

Is there anything more universally loved online than animal pictures? Put a cat picture on your page and you are guaranteed to get twice as many comments as usual. Of course, depending on your industry, an animal picture probably wouldn’t work every day, but post one every now and then to satisfy your readers’ need for the cute and cuddly.

Luckily, animals provide a lot of photo opportunities and have a way of involving themselves in your work. For example, you can post pictures of your cat sprawled out over a pile of paperwork you need to complete, images from your office’s “bring your dog to work day,” or find a funny animal picture online that relates to your field.

The bottom line is — people love pictures and they get your postings noticed. Start with the ideas above to boost your fan’s engagement and always be on the lookout for other ways to incorporate images into your page.



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    Excellent information! Definitely inspires some ideas to make my company’s Facebook page more interesting. Thank you!


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