5 Reasons Why Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy Isn’t Working
search engine optimization

1 – You didn’t spend time and effort carefully researching your keywords, using only popular keywords instead of long tail keywords, and failing to research what your competition is doing.

2 – Failing to check if your website is search engine friendly, and checking to see what penalties already exist for your website on various search engines.

3 – Failing to give every single page on your website a short (under 70 characters), unique title tag which includes keywords that are also embedded in that page’s content, and then including little to no text within the page’s content.

4 – You have created entire pages using flash or Javascript, or placing the entirety of the content within an image.

5 – Using a quick method to gain links, such as creating a link page, buying a service from someone offering 100 links for $10, using “link building” software, or using a link buying broker.  These are invariably scams, and a waste of both time and money.

36 Comments on “5 Potential Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working

  1. Drmuzammilirshad

    These are really working pieces of advice. We must consider these for the ranking of our content. You have offered a kind of help by telling these 5 points.

  2. Manoj

    Key skill and strategy is important to perform Directory submissions,link exchange,social bookmarking,forums and blogs etc,another crucial thing is to invest on creating good quality content rather than building links and one needs to be experts in this things to be successful…….

  3. violet

    wow I know that keeping up and making your business running is really needs lots of hard work. Thanks for this great tips many of us having trouble and often mislooked about these potential weak point in their SEO. Things might happen along the way that rather to push their site up but didn’t work so well so far.

  4. Ram Bansal

    Keyword research is key to SEO strategy, which itself is the key to Internet marketing. Very nice and useful tips are provided to those in this field of marketing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Batencila Annabelle

    Very useful tips in searching information in the internet. I guess they should also update the information in their website often. Mostly, they almost have the same info and ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nancy

    These are definitely some good tips when you want to improve upon your SEO strategy. One I was particularly keen on was not spending the time and effort to carefully research the keyword. I think some people especially don’t do is pick a keyword that is specific toward the product he or she is promoting. And, although I haven’t ran into any pages doing number 4, that is definitely the first thing they should do if they have number 4 in place 😛

  7. 287392508

    I wish I could have read this article earlier. Now I know why there’re not so many inquiries. We do need to make some improvement about our SEO as per the tips in this article.

  8. Thomas Lim

    These mistakes listed are definitely the very culprit to the failure of SEO strategies. Very clearly elaborated, this article is able to identify how and where one usually finds himself in trouble with whatever his efforts are pushed to make it work. As the saying goes that there is no short cut to success, I think it is just healthy for one to examine his efforts and determine if he is committing the very common mistakes as listed in this article.

  9. air

    These is quite an easy and very straight to the fact tips. I agree with paying 10 dollar for link building that is definitely a scam and most often are very new in SEO are the victims. And alot of website today fail to check wether their site is a friendly to visits or not. I am always turn off with a lot of elements that will automatically pop up out of nowhere.

  10. teresa

    I agree with you with the first one. I know some does fail in researching keywords,that includes my works. Now I am using google adwords keywords and it really does help me in finding high competetion keywords.

  11. Cindy

    Very True. These are the basic concepts that every Webmaster should follow. If these basic things are followed then you don’t need to concentrate about in-site optimization.

  12. Anonymous

    Precious information. These tip are very important and never thought of before. All five points are important to maintain a worthy standard if we think of success and its continuity seriously. So SEO cannot be obtained without serious effort. This analysis is a powerful tool to compite. Thanks to the author

  13. Adapalakotirao

    This is an interesting and informative article regarding SEO. I never had the idea that creating link page can be a scam.Similarly hiring some one who provides links for some money is also an scam. Yes using a link building software is not a ethical way of search engine optimistation. Thanks for the article.

  14. James G

    Brief but informative article. Researching about keywords is very important in SEO. I never have an idea before that using those link building software is not worth it.

  15. Mann Care

    These above given tips is so vital for the success of any business prospective, failing which would result in the downfall and will prove impossible to make a successful come back,so many of them fail because they could not keep up with the pace because of the lack of effort and carelessness in their script and keywords……

  16. Daniellamae

    The five tips given is very clearly stated and are also very vital to a successful business.Checking website is really important,here we will see if we are user friendly,oftentimes when website are not pleasant to the eye the users or visitors are more often exits without having second look.

  17. glyza mae

    Thank you for the tips in SEO. Short but precise and is very informative. This is a very helpful information for those who want to get started. Good that you include a warning for scammers. Be careful guys!

  18. overcrok

    Awesome article, not only this one. That Javascript stuff is very tricky, I’ll pay more attention while developing. The other interesting point is giving long tags instead of short ones. But I think that Adwords doesn’t give a damn about keywords, mostly you choose according to search/month and competition.

  19. Piolo Pascual

    Very obviously, people think things are easily done. It is usually a human error that one just jumps right into a particular task without really examining the possible flaws. Herein listed are actually the things commmonly committed that cause failure. I think it is just right that everybody gets to read this article for them to learn more.

  20. Szeto Ching

    I really like this article. It is brief and simple but it has points. The failure is the key to the success. Now at least I have learned from the lesson.

  21. amy lu

    Very articulate article. The information is very necessary to obtain a clear perspectives of the search engine tips and techniques underlying different principles. With careful study of the in and out of the effective way to attract readers and increase networks. Those learning tips are necessary to avoid the unnecessary method and only follow aggressive method which are very successful based on result and not just on theory.

  22. Mr. Rocket

    this is useful, but what i really want to know is, how to understand if my page rank is going higher?? can anybody tell what’s the process to check it??

  23. Ashwin Anand

    I guess SEO search engine optimisation is very necessory for one to have his/her website to recieve more viewers as the search should be related and the keywords must be a kind of related to the search tags.
    This article has a clear picture of how to optimise you website for better traffic.

  24. Harry

    These are known reasons when Search Engine Optimization strategy does not work, 5th reason is most important because it is a wrong way and scam is common for those who use this way. For those who want their SEO strategy to work, they should use the right ways.

  25. Chandrajaya

    You have posted useful Information. Now, i understand what are main factors that influence why my SEO isn’t working. Thanks admin for your valuable information. Keep posting!

  26. champoy186

    This is such a very useful information especially for those who are not really familiar about search engine optimization. SEO is very important if you have a website. It is one of the important things that a developer should know. Good SEO could help your site go on the top of search results. Thanks for posting!

  27. Chill Lax

    It seemed that this is such an interesting information. Thanks for sharing. This would definitely useful for many people out there. Now I know the reasons behind why SEO strategy isn’t working.. Thanks once again!

  28. Tara Curmon

    I have tried so many things to get my website ranked with search engines and never had much luck. I have never really thought about what might be working against me I just always assumed there was something else I needed to do. Thank you so much for this valuable information I will def put it to use, I never would have guessed that something as simple as a few changes to the way my page is set up (I use a lot of Java and Flash) could make the difference between my page being ranked or not.

  29. Kitija Liepiņa

    Thank you for sharing this information. I have tried so many things but it was useless, now I know what I need to change. We all can learn from this information. Good luck everyone.

  30. bashabasha

    I really wanted to learn what SEO and what is all about , Now, I quiet understand . Its seem that this is important to someone who have website. This article is such a great help for us who want to start a website ..We should apply your tips so it will workout! thanks for posted this article.

  31. jane ortega

    These are really tips that writers should take note and for those who are into this business. Small details really affect the bigger picture.


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