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If you’re still reeling over Facebook switching to the timeline format for your fan (business) page, it’s time to get over it. Yes, change can be difficult, but if you take the time to learn the new system, you’ll find there are some really cool things you can do with the new layout.

Here are five ways you can make the most out of your Timeline (starting from the top of the Facebook Page and working down):

Pick a Great Cover Photo

With the new timeline, your cover photo takes center stage — make the most of it! Pick an image that gets people’s attention and entices them  to explore your page. You have a whole 851px x 315px of space, so you have plenty of room to get creative and showcase your brand. Fortunately we have a very talented and creative team here at Spark Logix Studios, allowing us to come up with some great cover photos.  Take a look at out current cover photo.  Notice how it displays our name, what we do, and the services we use.  It’s almost an ‘about me’ section.

How to make a great Facebook timeline

Of course if you don’t have the creative advantage that we have, you can easily find online services that allow you to create a pretty fantastic cover photo for your page.

Just be careful not to violate Facebook’s rules; no pricing info, purchasing info, calls to action, arrows, pointers, etc.

Get Inventive with Your Profile Picture

Since your page is meant to represent your whole business, you may not want to put one person’s picture in the profile box. So, what should you put there? Since the box overlaps the cover photo, many people are thinking of ways to incorporate the two together. Coca Cola is known for having one of the best timelines on Facebook.  They have a great cover photo, but their profile pic is simply an old-fashioned bottle of coke.  Customers automatically connect with that image.  Take a look at what they did:

How timeline for facebook benefits businesses

Sneak a Call to Action in on the About Section

As mentioned, you can’t have a blatant call to action on your Facebook Page, but you can include a link to your site on the about section, and with an enticing enough description, it works as good or better than a “Click Here” or “Buy Now” button.  It is an easy way for your audience to see the very basics of what they would see on your website.  You can give a brief overview of what your company is, what your company offers, and where they can go to find out more about your company.

easy way to make a great facebook timeline

There are many business pages that leave this section totally blank — what a waste! This is a quick and obvious way to let people know what you are about, so take the time to fill it out.

Utilize the Apps

Below the cover photo there are now visual tabs/apps you can set up to link to different things. The “photos” tab is permanent and always remains in the first position, but some of the others you can change and rearrange as you see fit. By setting them up to link to your blog, YouTube channel, FAQ page, etc., you have essentially created another way to work in a call to action without breaking any rules.  We have utilized this by displaying all of these.  It’s a great way to give your audience a very in depth look at what you do as a company and what services you could offer them.

How timeline makes facebook better

And compared to the old Facebook version where there were just text links on the side of the page, these graphic apps are in a much more noticeable position. Just make sure to put your most important tabs in the first row as it is always visible.

Include Interesting Milestones

Since your page is in a timeline format, it presents the perfect opportunity to highlight interesting events in your business’ history. This works especially well for older companies with a longer story to tell. Take Harley Davidson, for instance. Their timeline dates all the way back to 1903 when the company was founded, and visitors can explore milestones from then all the way to present day.

Even if your business is only a few years old, look for pictures from your early days and post them in order on the timeline. Your followers will love to see how you got started and viewing humbling pictures, like you working out of your garage, will make you seem more real and less like a faceless company.

Like anything new, it takes some time to get used to the Facebook Timeline, but once you tinker and explore around a bit, you’ll have the system down in no time. Plus, the new photo-centric design makes it easier to brand your page and show visitors what you’re about in a glance.

If you’ve already been using the new Timeline features, do you think the new version of Facebook is better or worse for your business?

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