6 Reasons Content is King for Inbound Marketing

Yes, content is the king of inbound marketing, and its reign seems to have no end in sight. All other candidates, such as search engine marketing, print, television, link building, etc. are taking a backseat to this advertising powerhouse.

What makes it so great? Here are six big reasons:

It’s Cheap

Compared to many traditional forms of marketing, content creation is relatively inexpensive. Something like an informative article or an entertaining video can get your brand a ton of positive attention, spread to limitless people, and may only cost you a couple hours worth of work. Where else can you get so much publicity for so little cost?

Something as simple as making a tutorial on a new  service is great for content.  For example, our creative director made a tutorial on WordPress site options and builder tools.  Find a problem in your industry that could use a good explanation and make a tutorial that readers will find useful.

a custom wordpress builder

Both Consumers and Businesses are Online, and they’re Hungry for Content

As fast as information passes on the internet, old news is no longer from yesterday, but from this morning or just a few hours ago. This means people are always on the hunt for what’s happening now in an effort to stay on the cutting-edge. If you can lead the way with fresh, original content, you can more easily earn the attention of both consumers and other professionals in your industry.

Gives You Credibility

Once you start getting positive attention and continue producing a steady stream of top-rate content, people will begin to regard you as an expert in your field. With this credibility, other companies will want to work with you and consumers will feel confident giving you their business. These are the types of stable connections that generate real leads and increased conversions.

It’s Shareable

Not only do people want to constantly take in new information, but they want to be the first to share it with their contacts. Fortunately, with the array of social buttons you can attach to your pages, content is highly shareable.

This form of marketing is truly unique in the way that consumers are so willing to advertise and spread the word for you; all you have to do is give them something worth sharing. True, there’s always been word-of-mouth marketing (and it works wonderfully), but traditional word-of-mouth is nothing compared to the hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people you can reach in one day if you have the right content online.

That being said,  ALWAYS make your content sharable.  On the Spark Logix Studios Blog we have social share buttons that allow our audience to share our content to their social profiles.  This is arguably the most important thing you can do with your quality content.

social sharing buttons for your blog post

The Best Way to Educate and Share Information

Everything else aside, content is still the best way to share information and tell people about your brand and products. And with blogs, articles, photos, infographs, videos, white pages, and other content options, you can find a way to connect with everyone in your target audience.

New Tools Like Google Authorship and Search Plus Your World Provide Unique Opportunities for Visibility

By registering for Google Authorship, searchers can find everything you’ve ever written, no matter what site it appears on, just by visiting your Google+ profile page. This presents you with a huge opportunity to make all the content you’ve written regarding your industry or brand available in one location.

Also, with Google’s Search Plus Your World, the content you post or link to on your social profile automatically displays at the top of result listings when users search for anything you’ve happened to mention. So, the more you’re putting out there (quality stuff, of course), the more chances for exposure you’ll receive.

As a simple visual of how Search Plus Your World works,  I simply googled “Google+” and it pulled up a series of images and articles that people in my circles have posted.  This is great for content because now people will see the content that you post in Google search result.  Pretty powerful tool right?

why search plus your world matters

With all these benefits and more, content is likely to remain the top inbound marketing strategy indefinitely, so keep the “content is king” mantra going in your head. And truthfully, the push for great content is good for everyone — business can earn recognition for real online contributions and consumers have more worthwhile information at their disposal.

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