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We’re trusted by agencies to get WordPress work completed quickly and under budget. Why do agencies use Spark Logix? We’re simply more cost effective and all we do is WordPress. We’re really good at WordPress.

We believe in a beautiful user experience that’s tailored to your website’s message. We also believe in ethical work standards. We deliver on our promises and we aim to make your experience an enjoyable one, with each and every expectation met.

 Why Are Many Big Businesses Choosing WordPress as a Content Management System?

The New Yorker WordPress Website
Mercedes Benz WordPress Website

Because WordPress started as a simple platform for blogging, people often still assume that it’s not suitable for big businesses to use as the basis for their websites. However, WordPress is now one of the largest, most widely used website creation tools around the world. With a practically infinite number of options for professional and easy to use websites, why shouldn’t bigger brands adopt this technology too?

So, why would such big businesses turn away from regularly developed, HTML websites and instead use the WordPress platform?

When it comes to websites, there’s really no need to reinvent the wheel! Building a WordPress site is open-source software that’s inexpensive, mobile-responsive and looks great. So, even if you’re using a WordPress design company, having a unique site developed with all the features you need can save thousands of dollars. And, you’re not getting a sub-standard product either. WordPress has a thriving development community with regular updates and innovative widgets that make it so easy to add in useful components such as social media profile feeds as they become more widely used. The platform itself is so extendable that if you want your site to be able to do something specific like provide online bookings, forums or a secure client portal, there’s a plugin to help you to do just that. If not, just have your WordPress website developer design it for you.

And, because WordPress was developed with search engine optimization in mind, it does the job exceptionally well. Simply install a SEO plugin and within a few minutes, you’ll be able to optimize your site to more readily promote your content online. It’s also so easy to use that anyone in the business can be given a unique login to update content as required.

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WordPress eCommerce

Half of all website projects at Spark Logix Studios are eCommerce.

 Can WordPress Be Used for Minneapolis e-Commerce Online Retailers?

WordPress is by far THE best choice for Minneapolis e-Commerce online retailers to build an online retail shop. In fact, it’s estimated that just under 50% of all online e-Commerce websites use WordPress, followed by Shopify which sits at just 13.6% of the market share.

Transforming any WordPress Minneapolis website into its own shop can be done easily, with our assistance. Set an unlimited number of products with a range of different product attributes and customize your customer’s shopping experience. With features like built-in inventory management, secure payment processing and automatic distribution of digital goods, managing your Minneapolis WordPress online store is easy.

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Our web design and online marketing processes are incredibly effective, guaranteed. When it comes to WordPress, several agencies trust us with their development work. And when it comes to effective internet marketing, we provide real results: more traffic, reviews, and conversions. We’ve proven that we’re more efficient and reliable than in-house Website Developers and our results driven marketing is second to none.

Our relationships are strong and our retention is high. Trust us to improve your online presence. And when it comes to large, complex system builds, we’ve got you covered.

We have the skills to masterfully get your website ranking high. We’re well equipped to ensure an increase in website traffic, conversations and positive reviews. From on site optimization to backlink strategy, we build marketing campaigns that last.

And each website we build comes with lifetime updates (we have an extensive change log) with compatibility and design updates. We build each website to have the ability to modify and adapt. This means that in a few years when you get tired of your site, you won’t need to start over. We can help you restructure and design your website in a few days (not weeks or months) which saves a lot of money short and long term.

Is WordPress SEO Friendly?

In addition to all its other benefits, WordPress has a reputation for being the best content management system for search engine optimization. To start with, the majority of WordPress themes are built with search engine optimization in mind. This means that as long as you’ve chosen a trusted, Minneapolis WordPress web designer (us), your site will be constructed from really clean code that makes it easy for search engines to crawl your site for relevant keywords. (note: with us you get lifetime updates, we have an extensive change log – we stay on top of the next big thing so you don’t have to.)

Your site will automatically be given an SEO friendly website structure that makes it simple for Google’s crawler to find it’s way around your website. This is essential for effective SEO as it tells the search engine exactly what it needs to know while giving it confidence that your visitors will be able to find what they’re after too. You’ll also be able to set custom permalinks or URL’s that incorporate your focus keyword to tell Google what each of your pages and posts are about. Add this to the fact that you’ll be able to completely (and easily) control the image code that’s read by Google too and you’ve got a website that’s pretty much written for search engines as well as looking great for your visitors too.

Another factor that’s crucial to SEO is having quality content. Search engines look for interesting content that’s regularly released and updated to ensure that you’re delivering more value to your website’s viewers. Because WordPress makes adding new content so easy, it’s arguably the best tool to help you make Google to look at your website favorably. Once your new content has been uploaded, you can set this information to be automatically submitted to RSS feeds that help Google to find and index your new posts really quickly. The more often that Google finds new content, the more often they’ll come back to check for more, helping your WordPress Minneapolis website to rank higher sooner, even for those hard to compete in keywords.

We have the right tools to get build a better web experience and ensure the highest level of SEO compliance.