Who Is Spark Logix Studios?

Our Story

Spark Logix Studios is founded on a simple idea: There is a better and more cost effective way to develop beautiful websites. Like many businesses, Spark Logix Studios started around a kitchen table in Minneapolis Minnesota, with a simple question. Why are good websites so expensive?

At the beginning, we developed on many different platforms (Drupal, Magento, Joomla, etc.) but we quickly realized that the potential behind the relatively new open source platform called “WordPress” was nearly limitless.

We decided to take a gamble, and doubled down, abandoning every other CMS in favor of WordPress. We decided it is better to be great at one thing instead of okay at many. Our gamble paid off in spades, with WordPress now being far and away the most commonly used CMS on the market (36% of the Top 1 Million most used websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Second place is Drupal with 3%).

Once we had dominated the WordPress development arena, and could proudly call ourselves the best WordPress Development Agency around, we decided to expand our expertise to the world of Digital Marketing. Beautiful user experience and gorgeous websites are meaningless if you aren’t driving traffic to your website.

Our Values

Goal Driven Design

The purpose of good design is to drive user decisions. If your website is not converting, why have one?

Better Way to Budget

Project creep can be avoided. We pride ourselves on communication, and ensuring you can budget.

Functional Beauty

Simply because the focus is conversion, does not mean your website should be ugly. Beauty leads to growth.

Partners Not Clients

We view the companies we work with as partners. We want your business to succeed, so we can grow with you.

Ready To Talk?

We’d love to partner with you on your next web development or digital marketing project. Let’s make something great together!