Kendra Benson | Spark Logix Studios

Kendra Benson

Lead Developer

Kendra was born and raised in NE Florida. When she was 28, she moved to Minnesota for 3 years and now lives in Fort Collins, CO. After starting web development for a personal family website, she had a desire to learn more. She is self-taught and continues to learn new techniques as the technology advances. Kendra says “I have always been interested in the arts, design is always where my heart was. But when I started writing code for websites, there was so much more satisfaction for me in creating an entire website with just letters and numbers. Although I still love design, my true talent lies in coding.”

Before Kendra began developing websites, she worked as an accountant at a community college in Florida for 5 years. Working day in and day out with numbers was an important stepping stone in her progression to web development. Kendra worked on and off building sites for family, friends, and small clients for 6 years before working full-time for Spark Logix studios when it was founded in 2010. Kendra is now the Lead Developer for the company.

Kendra was married in 2003 and has 3 children. She also runs the successful paleo blog Our Paleo Life.