Rob Benson Creative Director and Founder at Spark Logix Studios

Rob Benson

Founder / Creative Director

Rob was born in 1980 and grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He spent 7 years in Florida and now resides in Fort Collins, CO. He founded Spark Logix Studios, in Minneapolis, MN in early 2010 after working independently for a few years helping small businesses with their web development and internet marketing needs. “I saw a huge shift in the absolute need for better web development” said Rob Benson, outlining the reason for creating the business. Since the official start of Spark Logix Studios the company has had rapid growth. “Our growth is due to our phenomenal clients, we owe so much to them, they helped get us where we are today.” -Rob

Before working freelance, Rob spent 2003-2008 working with a mortgage firm on their advertising and sales strategies. He traveled between 7 offices analyzing sales and advertising methods. Here he grew to understand the advertising needs and budgets of small business with less than 200 employees. He currently oversees the creative design and development for all web projects at Spark Logix Studios.

Rob has been happily married since 2003 and has 3 children.