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Learn how to add and manage all media files (including photos, videos, audio and video) within your WordPress website.

Log in to your website’s WordPress Dashboard using

Once you are there, in the menu of options to the left, select “Add New” from the “Media” menu.

You have 2 options for uploading media to you Library. The first option is to use the Flash uploader, which is shown here. You just hit the “Select Files” button. The other option is to click the blue “Browse uploader” link just below it if you are having trouble using the Flash uploader, which some browsers have a hard time using. Wither way, you will be able to upload your files.

Whatever option you choose, you will have a box pop up allowing you to choose the photos, files, music or other media files you wish to upload. Once you find the directory of your files, you can select multiple files to upload at a time if you are using the Flash uploader. If you are using the Browse uploader, you will only be able to choose one file at a time. Once you select your file(s), hit the “Open” button.

Once you upload a file, you will see the information for that specific file. You can change the “Title”, which is required on all files. This validates the HTML code and makes it SEO-friendly, so make sure the Title is something other than a random file name (ex: dcq0432 is bad; Autumn Leaves is good).

Alternate Text are the words that would show up if the image doesn’t. Some people have images turned off on their computers for some reason or another, or sometimes internet connections may be too slow and won’t load the entire site, causing images to not show up. Make this Alternate text short and descriptive as well. It can be the same as the Title if you want.

Captions and Descriptions are completely optional and have no effect on SEO.

Please make a note of the File URL. If you are uploading this file to immediately use somewhere and will need this URL to locate, go ahead and copy the link now. Once you have made any and all changes to the file, click the “Save all changes” button at the bottom.

If you would like to view your entire Media Library, go back to the left side menu and rather than clicking “Add New” from the “Media” menu, click on “Library”.

This will list all the items that you have uploaded to the Library, whether it was done through the process mentioned above, or added through a blog post or page. From here, you will be able to View, Edit or Delete and file in your Library.

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