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We build WordPress websites, the most effective CMS, small business tool. Effective because the website is search engine optimized, it’s easy to update content, there’s hundreds of features, and you’ll have us to help with technical support.

Tell us what you want

The first thing you’ll do is tell us how you want your site to look. If you’re not sure, we’ll take your message and begin designing around it. You’ll also inform us on the features needed on your site. There are literally hundreds of amazing features that will easily set your business apart from the competition. Options include mapping, image rotators, calendars, contact forms, newsletters, feeds, social media plug-ins, and the list goes on and on.

We build it

We design the website and get the code right. We spend time insuring every picture, element, feature, color, angle and pixel look perfect. We set it up so it’s ready for your use. We establish the website with the CMS platform WordPress. The list of the benefits of WordPress go on and on. While there are other CMS platforms available, we’ve fallen head over heals for WordPress.

An abbreviated list of the benefits of WordPress

It’s Easy
If you have an ounce of computer savvy, the WordPress system will be easy to use. If you’ve used Facebook, or if you’ve sent an email you’re likely the right candidate for WordPress. You won’t be writing any code, we do that. We also design the site to fit your style and purpose. We’ll code everything just right, design everything to look the way you want it to, and stand by for technical support help.

You’ll be able to change and add content anytime you’d like. We’ll walk you through it. It’s as easy as telling us what you want, we build it then show you how to use it. We’re even there when you have a question.

Search Engine Optimized
WordPress makes it easier to optimize your search engine results. This mean your site is more likely to be clicked on when someone is searching for something you offer. In addition to the nature of WordPress and its effectiveness in SEO, we’ll also include the “All in One SEO” Plug-in to maximize all new content added to the website.

Plug-ins & Widgets
Have a great idea for something on your site, something technical? Maybe you’ve seen a feature you’d like on your site. Plug-ins and widgets make it happen. There’s a plug-in or widget for just about everything. Take a look at our Widgets page to see a few options, this is not a comprehensive list, there’s so many options out there.

You can have a registration system to maintain profiles. You can have multiple authors with different levels of privilege. The WordPress system allows you to create publishing options not available with a standard “brochure style” website.

We’ll set it up

Let us host and manage your website. We get everything running right with a guaranteed up-time of 99.9%. Don’t worry about figuring out what to do about hosting, we’ll do it for you.

You manage the content

Once your site is up and running you’ll be able to change content anytime by logging in and adding the information you want. This system is easy, it’s yours, and we’re here to help. We’ll be there for you. In fact we’re including lifetime technical support. If a problem arises, call or email and we’ll fix it.

It’s easy

Our aim is to make this a satisfying experience for you. You’ll have the website you love, with support.

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