Ben Heath
Google Indexing (Tool to Check)

Getting a web page on your site indexed is important. This happens automatically if you’re building your website correctly. It’s also important to ensure your directory listings and other web properties (like business directories) are also being indexed (to take advantage of as many ranking signals you can).

WooCommerce Importing Products

Importing products can reduce development time dramatically. With a properly constructed XML or CSV file, the time it takes to add hundreds, or thousands of products is hours, instead of days or weeks. The key to making the import process quick, is to understand the data your products have, and how to build the import […]

WordPress' Native Video Player - Video Media Embed

We recently had a request from a client to use WordPress’ native video player (media embed). To be honest, even though it’s been around since WP 3.6 (August 1, 2013), I had never used it. We always recommend using Wistia, or at the very least Youtube or Vimeo. I started my search of learning how […]

Perhaps you’ve heard about Google changing their Analytics tracking to the new Universal Analytics. If you’ve really been paying attention, then you saw, or perhaps even took part of the free Analytics Fundamentals training course they offered during this past October. If not, the material is still available to go through. We’re not going to […]


Running an online store should be easy. There are several eCommerce solutions out there that accomplish many different tasks for you, making your life a little easier. We REALLY have fallen in love with WooCommerce. When running a business, reports are very important. WooCommerce has some great out of the box report features, as well as […]

At Spark Logix we’re big fans of WordPress, so when we come across an incredibly useful plugin that integrates seamlessly with the CMS, we can’t help but talk about it. Such is the case with WooCommerce — an eCommerce toolkit that can transform your site into a full-fledged online store. If you’ve been struggling to […]

people networking

In our earlier post about link building strategies in the Post-Penguin and Panda environment, we mentioned how Google is paying less and less attention to anchor text and, in fact, may penalize a site in SERP rankings if it appears unnaturally optimized. This shift in the importance of anchor text forces SEOs to take a […]

Get Results

Over the past several years many of the “shortcuts” to SEO have gradually become less effective and, in many cases, counter-productive. Google has become more intelligent about recognizing what things genuinely indicate value and what things exist for the sole purpose of manipulating search rankings. Recent algorithm updates, such as Panda and Penguin, clearly show […]

Every website needs search engine optimization, but local businesses require a particular style of optimization… they need local SEO. Truthfully, local SEO isn’t drastically different from traditional SEO, yet it does require a slightly different approach. The good news is it’s usually a lot easier to rank highly in local search results because the competition […]