Ben Heath

Want to search Google beyond typing in search terms? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you out! Basic Google Search Operators OR allows you to basically do multiple searches in one. Also, | works in place of the OR operator. ~ The Tilde will bring back synonyms of the search terms. site: […]

Inbound links — every SEO needs them, yet acquiring good ones is easier said than done. What is meant by “good” links? Good links aren’t just one time affairs, but are those that lead to other links, which then inspire more links, and so on. To accomplish this you have to stop thinking of link […]

Website Content Maintenance

If you manage a site of any size, you’re eventually going to face the issue of what to do with expired content, and websites for certain industries tend to generate more expired pages than others. For example, eCommerce sites, job listings, real estate, news, etc. all amass tons of pages that are no longer relevant […]

What is a slide deck? Well, if you’ve spent any time in a classroom or in business meetings then you’re likely all too familiar with slide decks — the ever-present slideshow (usually PowerPoint) clicking along behind the teacher or speaker. Slide decks’ relationship with academia and boring meetings have many online content creators steering clear […]

Yes, content is the king of inbound marketing, and its reign seems to have no end in sight. All other candidates, such as search engine marketing, print, television, link building, etc. are taking a backseat to this advertising powerhouse. What makes it so great? Here are six big reasons: It’s Cheap Compared to many traditional […]