Jon Ramsey, Author at Spark Logix Studios
Website User Flow

Creating a website user-flow before jumping in to development is a wise choice. Use this blog post as reference one what to do and how to effectively start a web build.

When Spark Logix Studios builds a new website, frequently we use placeholder content in the design.  It can be difficult for our client’s to know precisely what content they need to present to their customers, so writing the homepage content without a good idea of the layout can be a challenge.  By the same token, […]

Effective Website Collaboration Tool - Basecamp

When it comes to website development, Communication is King.  If a Client doesn’t have a way to reach out to the development team at all hours, and accurately communicate their needs, everything falls apart.  Phone calls can be great, but invariably things are missed, or misunderstood, or forgotten.  With written communication, both the Client and […]

Why We Don't Use Captcha

Captcha, the bane of spammers and website users alike.  I know everyone has experienced the joys of squinting at their screen trying to decipher the arcane letters and shapes so that they can leave a comment on their favorite blog explaining why anyone who things the Dr. Who spin-off series are canon is as foolish […]

Did you know we here at Spark Logix Studios, in addition to being amazing web designers, are also psychics, mentalists, and prognosticators of the highest order?  Through the use of magical healing crystals, animal bones, Tarot cards, chiromancy, ouija boards, and phrenology, we can see into the near future, and predict what the internet will […]

The story of Western Civilization is one where we are raised to value and appreciate the inventors and thinkers.  The creative innovators like Steve Jobs, Orson Welles, and Pablo Picasso, who saw the existing landscape of their respective field, and said “Nope, I’m gonna do something different”.  They’re creative.  They innovate. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  […]

When staring out across the large sea of web pages, there are a handful that stand out as amazing, mindblowing, and stunningly great.  On the other end of the spectrum are the disasters, the website that look like they were drawn with neon crayons and vomit.  And in the middle?  A ton of websites that […]

Users. Those guys are jerks.  Stupid dumb jerks. Today’s ever evolving web design and software trends are becoming more complex, not less.  The problem becomes, how do we help dumb people navigate on your website.  Obviously you’re not dumb, you’re reading our blog post on User Experience, but you know who I’m talking about.  Admit […]

Like the monster from Frankenstein, there are some bad ideas that just keep getting revived by web developers.  We here at Spark Logix Studios advocate the townsfolk rising up with pitchforks and torches to destroy the madness once and for all. Think of the children!  Won’t anyone think of the children? #1 – Load Screens […]