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We… Build… Awesome… Websites… LOOK WITH YOUR EYES! What’s that?  Why yes, that is a very astute observation.  We also do graphic design and branding.  We’re really good at that too. The websites we build are (in addition to being awesome) responsive.  Amazing, right?  You can look at them on your mobile phone, tablet, or […]

Name Server Propagation When Launching Your Website Although most things online work at lightening speeds, there other tasks that can take hours or days to complete, and there’s not much you can do to rush the process. One such example is waiting for a newly launched website to appear. If you find yourself in a […]

Given that your Quality Score effects how high your bid needs to be in order to have your ad appear, having a good Quality Score can be key to having a successful PPC Campaign.  Quality Score is Google’s way of of measuring how relevant your ad is to people searching on the web.  It is […]

At Spark Logix Studios, one of the ways we keep things organized and running efficiently is by using Basecamp.  If you’re unfamiliar, Basecamp is an online project management system that makes it possible for business’ to coordinate all their projects in one place.  It has a ton of great features, but here are some of […]