Basecamp, the Perfect Collaborative Tool | Why We Use Basecamp

At Spark Logix Studios, one of the ways we keep things organized and running efficiently is by using Basecamp.  If you’re unfamiliar, Basecamp is an online project management system that makes it possible for business’ to coordinate all their projects in one place.  It has a ton of great features, but here are some of the things we love most:

Basecamp streamlines our operation

With Basecamp we never have to hunt through files or dig through old emails to find details about a particular project; they’re all right there for everyone on the team to use.  Better yet, every project has its own “area” within the program where all activity about that particular project takes place.  So, there’s no intermingling of documents, conversations, etc. — everything is kept, neat, tidy, and separate.

Basecamp keeps clients involved

Not only can our team interact through Basecamp but so can our clients.  By giving them access to the program they can see what’s happening with their project in real time and share their ideas.  We find this keeps our customers “in the loop” and more satisfied with the end product.

Basecamp allows us to organize people

We can invite anyone we want to our Basecamp projects and give them whatever powers we see fit.  So, whether we want to limit someone’s access to a single project or give them full admin powers, the choice is ours.

Basecamp helps us prioritize and meet deadlines

No matter what needs to be done, we can put it in a to-do list with a specific “due” date.  Additionally, through the calendar feature, we can see everyone’s schedule at the same time, which makes it much easier to coordinate and accomplish daily tasks.

Everything’s saved on Basecamp

How can a business use Basecamp

Every file, draft, idea, and discussion is saved securely on Basecamp for future reference.  This is especially useful for catching up people who’ve been away or for monitoring progress.

Basecamp also works through email

Works With Emails
What’s especially useful is we don’t have to be logged into Basecamp or tied to our computers to offer feedback or upload files, as we can simply respond through email (on any device) to a Basecamp message.  That way, we’re never far out of touch.

Overall, with Basecamp we’re able to work smarter, so we can get things done quicker and better.  We don’t waste time looking for things, re-explaining conversations, and we know exactly what’s happening with our projects all the time.  We feel our customers appreciate the transparency and our willingness to show how hard we’re working for them.

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