Best Fonts in 2013

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Spark Logix Studios picks its top 10 fonts for use in 2013. Have you seen our Best Fonts of 2011 and Top Fonts 2012? If not, check them out! This year, we’ve used a few of our favorites again and we’ve added some great new fonts we’ll be using in 2013. These fonts are FREE for download here, click on the font name and download it.

Alte Haas Grotesk Font (coming back from 2012)

Alte Haas Grotesk Font

Arvo Font (new for us in 2013)

Arvo Font

Blackout Font (back from our 2011 picks)

Blackout Font

Bubblegum Sans Font (new for us in 2013)

Bubblegum Sans Fonts

Caviar Dreams Font (new for us in 2013)

Caviar Dreams Fonts

Fabrica Font (new for us in 2013)

Fabrica Font

Franchise Font (back from our 2011 fonts)

Franchise Font

Kilogram Font (new for us in 2013)

Kilogram Font

Nevis Font (back from 2011)

Nevis Font

Rock Salt Font (new for us in 2013)

Rock Salt Font


Check it out (best of 2012)!

Best Fonts in 2012 for Web Design and Graphic Design




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