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We’re often asked about creating a website that will rank better in the search engines (particularly Google). Most people want to know what’s the Best SEO for WordPress? Our process is one where we always have the correct on page SEO practices due to the way we build our sites (using our WordPress framework). This enables us to know that by default our sites are technically suitable for a positive search engine ranking. In addition to having the technical aspects in check for on page optimization, we also use what we believe to be the best SEO plugin for WordPress, Yoast.

Yoast: The Best SEO for WordPress

There’s a whole long list of why Yoast is a required plugin for every site build at Spark Logix Studios. Here’s a few features to help you better understand why you need Yoast to ensure you have the Best SEO for your WordPress website.

Easy Rich Snippet Data

This better helps Google understand your content and what it should display when someone does a search. Here’s a standard page from Spark Logix Studios and what it looks like in Google’s SERP (search engine results page).

Rich Snippet (Visual on Google) Best SEO for WordPress

Here’s what it looks like using the Yoast plugin on the page you’re creating.

Best SEO for WordPress (Yoast)

In this example you’re seeing that the Title and Meta Description are created exactly the way you want Google to see it (hugely important).

XML Sitemaps

Having an XML Sitemap is absolutely essential if you plan on having the best SEO for WordPress. Other generators not built in to this WordPress plugin may not communicate with the way you’ve set up your site and page structure. This also considers certain taxonomies, etc. If you want to have the best SEO for WordPress, getting the sitemap right is essential.

Best SEO WordPress (Sitemap)

Sharable Content

If your content is shared on social media (or any other avenue) you’ll want to make sure everything is just right (Title, Description, Featured Image). You’re more likely to get more shares and likes if the content makes sense and the picture is framed correctly.

With WordPress the Featured Image is something you can easily add or change.

WordPress Featured Image

And if you’re thinking Facebook (and by extension many other platforms), Yoast has your social media covered.

Best SEO for WordPress Social Covered

Make sure that when people share your content it looks just right.

Sharing a webpage from WordPress on social media.

SEO Resources

Best SEO for WordPress

Out of the box, WordPress is built for the best SEO experience. Couple that with an easy to use plugin like Yoast and you’re ready to start ranking. There are many things you can do to help boost the ranking of your website. This post was created to get you on the right track to ensure you have the best SEO for WordPress available.

Happy ranking!

2 Comments on “Best SEO for WordPress

  1. Britanica

    I am not even sure which plugin I am using for this. I will have to check when I get to work later/ I know I use something for this and it works well but there is no harm in trying other options to see if they work better. SEO is super important to blogs for traffic and search engines, I know that.

  2. Jen

    I’m fairly new to the world of SEO, so I hadn’t even heard of Yoast, but it sounds great. Thanks for breaking everything down so clearly (as usual). It makes venturing into SEO much easier on me!


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