Best Source for PSD Patterns and Web Design Color Ideas

The right patterns can make the background of a website more dynamic, eye catching, and more professional. Not every website needs a patterned background BUT if you think it’d make your website better, then do it! And sometimes it’s hard to communicate a color palette when beginning a web design project. Getting the colors right can be difficult. When you have a bunch of color palettes to look at it’s easier to narrow down what colors best represent your message.

A few words of advice: don’t go overboard with colors and background patterns. Be subtle with your patterns and be thoughtful with your color selections. There are best practices for good web design. When meeting with your web designer make sure to ask for a lot of their work (portfolio). If you feel the color scheme and site architecture “feel right” then they might be the right web designer for you. A good web designer will give you advice and help point you in the right direction. Remember, it’s important to hire the RIGHT web designer. When you trust the designer you will give them more control of the project and you’ll be happy with the results. A good web designer will explain why they used the colors they used and why the website is built the way it is (hopefully for marketing purposes and a clear and defined action item). A professional web designer will have a reason for everything on the website.

To help in the creative process try to provide a color palette and background pattern (or solid color) that you approve of. To make this easy we wanted to provide you with TWO FANTASTIC WEBSITES to help you decide what color palette and background you prefer.

For selecting a color palette visit: COLOURlovers

Here are a few color palettes we like:

Good Friends Color Palette




War Color Palette

You are Lovely Color Palette

For selecting the right subtle pattern visit: Subtle Patterns

Here are a few Subtle Patterns we like:

GPlay Pattern


Arches Pattern

Have Fun! Please paste in the comments some of your favorites, we’d love to see!

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