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Our blog posts are created with our Clients in mind. Find useful information to help make better decisions about your business when you’re marketing online. We also provide in depth information to help you with your WordPress website. Enjoy!

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Search Engine Optimization

Summer SEO Case Study

When you find a reputable SEO company that shows you results, you want nothing more than to keep it going, boost the results and bask in the conversions.

Digital Marketing

9 Types of Digital Marketing (and How to Use Them!)

Digital marketing is not just a buzzword thrown around at networking events. You need to understand the types of digital marketing at your disposal.

Website User Flow

Creating a Website User-Flow

Creating a website user-flow before jumping in to development is a wise choice. Use this blog post as reference one what to do and how to effectively start a web build.

Google Indexing (Tool to Check)

Check if a Web Page Has Been Indexed (Tool)

Getting a web page on your site indexed is important. This happens automatically if you’re building your website correctly. It’s also important to ensure your directory listings and other web properties (like business directories) are also being indexed (to take advantage of as many ranking signals you can).

Best Free Stock Photo Websites

Best Free Stock Photography Websites 2017

Here’s a list of stock photos that aren’t very stock. Find images that aren’t the standard, boring stock photos found on paid websites.

WordPress Plugins (Spark Logix Studios)

Best WordPress Plugins for 2017

We have tested hundreds of WP plugins (on live, high traffic websites) in an endeavor to find the best WordPress plugins. Over the years we’ve found the right ones.

WooCommerce Spark Logix Studios

WooCommerce Screenshots (Admin, Front-End, My Account)

Screenshots showing the front-end, My Account and dashboard settings for creating products, managing orders and viewing reports.

WordPress at Spark Logix Studios

December 2016 WordPress Update 4.7 “Vaughan”

December 2016 WordPress Update 4.7 is named “Vaughan” and we’re very happy with several of the advancements made. More accessibility and expansion opportunity + easier to manage. All around, great update!

Compiling and Sending Website Content

When Spark Logix Studios builds a new website, frequently we use placeholder content in the design.  It can be difficult for our client’s to know precisely what content they need to present to their customers, so writing the homepage content without a good idea of the layout can be a challenge.  By the same token, […]