BuddyPress Extended Profiles (How to Setup -Steps and Pics)
BuddyPress Extended Profiles

Each BuddyPress User has the ability to manage their own User Profile (and adjust what is displayed). As an Admin you will control what is required and what may be shown. This is a feature of BuddyPress that’s built right in. This post will help you understand how to use and manage the BuddyPress Extended Profiles.

BuddyPress Extended Profiles

In order for the extended profiles to be operational you’ll need to:

Login > Settings > BuddyPress > Components > Ensure Extended Profiles is selected and saved.

Extended BuddyPress Profiles

Creating Profile Groups & Fields

This is where we begin the process of creating Groups and Profile Fields. You’ll be able to create multiple Groups.

Users > Profile Fields > Add New Field Group

Add New Field Group

Give your Group a name & Description (displayed on Front End and in Dashboard).

Add New Field Group

After you’ve created the Group you’ll now be ready to add Fields to the Group.

As shown below, you’ll need to create:

  1. Field Name
  2. Description (if you want)
  3. If the Field is required or not
  4. Default Visibility
  5. Per Member Visibility (let the Member control if it’s visible or not)
  6. Field Type
Add Field for BuddyPress Profile

Here are the Field Type Options:

Add Checkbox for BuddyPress Profile
Add Dropdown Select Box for BuddyPress Profile
Add Multi Select Box for BuddyPress Profile
Add Radio Buttons for BuddyPress Profile
Add Date Selector for BuddyPress Profile
Add Multi-Line for BuddyPress Profile
Add Number for BuddyPress Profile
Add Text Box for BuddyPress Profile
Add URL for BuddyPress Profile

Here’s an example of what it looks like on the front end:

Profile Group Font End

Here’s an example of what the Member sees when attempting to edit their Profile on the front end.

Profile Group Font End Edit


Let us know (in the comments) if you have any questions!

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