Best Free Stock Photo Websites

Here’s a list of stock photos that aren’t very stock. Find images that aren’t the standard, boring stock photos found on paid websites.

Front End User Experience Design Checklist

If you’re an Agency sending work to Spark Logix Studios and are providing all design assets for development, here’s a little group of checklists to help you. When provided, these lists will enable us to quickly take into account your exact requests. Provided List Details Content and Images Logo (either PNG or SVG) Favicon All Images […]

Here’s a few Google fonts used in our Framework (for default options). We recommend using these fonts as titles (headers) in your next web design project.

Your agency has made the decision to allow Spark Logix Studios to develop your client’s web presence. If your group is providing mockup artwork to use, this will serve as your guide in understanding best practices for design preparation for development with Spark. Complete & Customized Framework Spark Logix Studios has spent years creating and […]

Did you know we here at Spark Logix Studios, in addition to being amazing web designers, are also psychics, mentalists, and prognosticators of the highest order?  Through the use of magical healing crystals, animal bones, Tarot cards, chiromancy, ouija boards, and phrenology, we can see into the near future, and predict what the internet will […]

With all the benefits of responsive web design your business will have an increased chance of sales and conversions, which, undoubtedly, is your primary reason for having a website. You can rest easy knowing your site will always perform, users will have a device-targeted experience (encourages action), and you can reach the ever-growing mobile audience. […]

We… Build… Awesome… Websites… LOOK WITH YOUR EYES! What’s that?  Why yes, that is a very astute observation.  We also do graphic design and branding.  We’re really good at that too. The websites we build are (in addition to being awesome) responsive.  Amazing, right?  You can look at them on your mobile phone, tablet, or […]

Best Fonts in 2013

 Download the FONTS for FREE here! Spark Logix Studios picks its top 10 fonts for use in 2013. Have you seen our Best Fonts of 2011 and Top Fonts 2012? If not, check them out! This year, we’ve used a few of our favorites again and we’ve added some great new fonts we’ll be using […]

Responsive Design and Analytics

A little over one year ago, Spark Logix Studios made the switch to responsive web design (RWD), and we’ve devoted several of our recent posts to explaining its benefits. For instance, RWD sites make it possible for you to simultaneously accommodate both static and mobile users, as the pages automatically adjust and resize according to […]

The Perfect Landing Page

Online marketing is an industry that’s constantly in flux, but due to recent evolutions in technology, SEO, web design, and people’s habits it can seem like some changes are happening at breakneck speeds. This is especially true in regards to landing pages, which have had to adapt to the multitude of internet-capable gadgets while keeping […]