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When Spark Logix Studios builds a new website, frequently we use placeholder content in the design.  It can be difficult for our client’s to know precisely what content they need to present to their customers, so writing the homepage content without a good idea of the layout can be a challenge.  By the same token, […]

Front End User Experience Design Checklist

If you’re an Agency sending work to Spark Logix Studios and are providing all design assets for development, here’s a little group of checklists to help you. When provided, these lists will enable us to quickly take into account your exact requests. Provided List Details Content and Images Logo (either PNG or SVG) Favicon All Images […]

Effective Website Collaboration Tool - Basecamp

When it comes to website development, Communication is King.  If a Client doesn’t have a way to reach out to the development team at all hours, and accurately communicate their needs, everything falls apart.  Phone calls can be great, but invariably things are missed, or misunderstood, or forgotten.  With written communication, both the Client and […]

Website User Experience Questions

Understanding UX before building a website can really help the project come together nicely and with limited to no frustration.

Custom WordPress Framework

Think of the Spark Logix Studios’ Framework as the most comprehensive theme builder on the planet. Most Content Management Systems (CMS, like WordPress) are built in a manner to be the starting point of a web build. They typically require a “theme” or a “template” to get started on a design. With WordPress, every website […]

Providing a Website Development Brief

Often times the project brief doesn’t get the attention it deserves. To avoid miscommunication and conflict it’s best to iron out each and every knowable detail before work on a website build begins. The project brief (if done right) will be the most valuable reference for the organization’s management team and the design and development […]

Your agency has made the decision to allow Spark Logix Studios to develop your client’s web presence. If your group is providing mockup artwork to use, this will serve as your guide in understanding best practices for design preparation for development with Spark. Complete & Customized Framework Spark Logix Studios has spent years creating and […]

WordPress Shortcodes Explained + VIDEO

WordPress shortcodes are really awesome BUT at first (for noobs) they can seem more difficult than they really are. We’re going to clear up what shortcodes are and display for you how easy they are to use. WP introduced the incredible tool in version 2.5 on March 29th, 2008. At Spark Logix, we’ve been building […]

The story of Western Civilization is one where we are raised to value and appreciate the inventors and thinkers.  The creative innovators like Steve Jobs, Orson Welles, and Pablo Picasso, who saw the existing landscape of their respective field, and said “Nope, I’m gonna do something different”.  They’re creative.  They innovate. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  […]