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WordPress Websites

WordPress is the standard in websites today, don’t be left behind with inferior technology by selecting another CMS.

WooCommerce Spark Logix Studios

Our years of experience in testing and using different eCommerce solutions have led to WooCommerce.

Search Engine Optimization

When you find a reputable SEO company that shows you results, you want nothing more than to keep it going, boost the results and bask in the conversions.

WordPress Plugins (Spark Logix Studios)

We have tested hundreds of WP plugins (on live, high traffic websites) in an endeavor to find the best WordPress plugins. Over the years we’ve found the right ones.

WooCommerce Spark Logix Studios

Screenshots showing the front-end, My Account and dashboard settings for creating products, managing orders and viewing reports.

WordPress at Spark Logix Studios

December 2016 WordPress Update 4.7 is named “Vaughan” and we’re very happy with several of the advancements made. More accessibility and expansion opportunity + easier to manage. All around, great update!

WordPress at Spark Logix Studios

WordPress started in 2003 and was created for simple everyday blogging. And over time it’s grown to be the most used CMS in the world. Everything about WordPress was created by and for the WordPress community. It’s an Open Source project, this means there are people all over the world improving it every day. There are no license fees […]

WordPress at Spark Logix Studios

There are many things you can do to help boost the ranking of your website. This post was created to get you on the right track to ensure you have the best SEO for WordPress available.

Custom WordPress Framework

Using CPT’s within WordPress can help the Admin (or Editors) easily create new content with very limited WordPress knowledge. This video example will help you visualize just how easy creating new content with custom fields on a post within WordPress.