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Influencer Marketing

Creating a new website or taking your current website and building traffic can be difficult. However, with Influencer Marketing, if you do it right, you’ll get instant traffic to your site and you’ll increase your followers / subscribers.

Backlink Method That Works

At Spark Logix Studios we don’t offer backlinking services. However, it’s a vital part to ranking well on Google. And we understand it and we want you to understand it. If you have the time, use the tactics here to create backlinks. If you’re hiring someone to assist you with backlinking (helping to rank your site) […]

Google Indexing (Tool to Check)

If you like what a business did to assist you, consider leaving a review on Google. This is one of the nicest things you can do to help a business you like.

Local Landing Pages

Creating local landing pages may be one of the best methods in growing your lead source in a local, targeted area. This post will overview exactly what to do and how to do it so you’ll be ready to create a better local marketing plan (in relation to search marketing). Ranking better in the SERPS […]

people networking

In our earlier post about link building strategies in the Post-Penguin and Panda environment, we mentioned how Google is paying less and less attention to anchor text and, in fact, may penalize a site in SERP rankings if it appears unnaturally optimized. This shift in the importance of anchor text forces SEOs to take a […]

Get Results

Over the past several years many of the “shortcuts” to SEO have gradually become less effective and, in many cases, counter-productive. Google has become more intelligent about recognizing what things genuinely indicate value and what things exist for the sole purpose of manipulating search rankings. Recent algorithm updates, such as Panda and Penguin, clearly show […]

Understanding Integrated Marketing Consumers have more ways than ever to spend their time and more advertising “channels” than ever begging for their attention. Some folks engage in an assortment of communication platforms on a regular basis (e.g. TV, internet, billboards, etc.) while others only pay attention to one or two. All of this means marketers […]

Every website needs search engine optimization, but local businesses require a particular style of optimization… they need local SEO. Truthfully, local SEO isn’t drastically different from traditional SEO, yet it does require a slightly different approach. The good news is it’s usually a lot easier to rank highly in local search results because the competition […]

wordpress plugin guide

Are you still not on the structured data bandwagon? Unfortunately, that could be having more of a negative effect on your SEO than you may realize as Google and the other major search engines are relying on this microdata more and more for ranking purposes. But don’t worry, there’s still time to jump onboard and […]