Shopify can look like a deceptively cost effective option over the larger costs of a full website development. But is that truly the case in the long term? And what trade-offs are you potentially making when choosing Shopify instead of WooCommerce? Read on to find out more.

There are a number of CMS platforms with eCommerce capabilities on the Internet today. WordPress’s WooCommerce and Magento are two among many, but they both have their place in the world of online business. This guide will pit the two against each other, so you can better understand which has the features your business needs.

Our years of experience in testing and using different eCommerce solutions have led to WooCommerce.

A cell phone, headphones, and a credit card used for eCommerce

Understanding the difference between categories and attributes when setting up your eCommerce website is vitally important (if you want the User Experience to be just right).