Squarespace advertises itself as the easiest website solution. But is it really better than WordPress? No, it isn’t. Read on to find out why.

Google recently announced that their Core Web Vitals will now effect your SEO Rank. Here we discuss what they are, and how to improve them.

There are a number of CMS platforms with eCommerce capabilities on the Internet today. WordPress’s WooCommerce and Magento are two among many, but they both have their place in the world of online business. This guide will pit the two against each other, so you can better understand which has the features your business needs.

With a litany of CMS platforms available on the Internet today, it’s difficult to suss out which can best suit your needs. WordPress, of course, is one of the most popular web-hosting and site-generating platforms in operation. However, Joomla, as an open-source CMS, offers platform customization that a more tech-savvy web designer may appreciate.

WordPress and Drupal are two of the best known CMS platforms operating online today. It’s difficult to compare the two, given their mutual histories and success. This guide will discuss each platform’s details and compare their overall accessibility, cost, and content customization processes.

When it comes to WordPress and Dreamweaver, which is better? How do their features compare, and, depending on your needs, which is the ideal choice? Let’s dive into all the nitty-gritty details, so you can select the content creation platform that’s right for you.

Our years of experience in testing and using different eCommerce solutions have led to WooCommerce.

Here’s a list of stock photos that aren’t very stock. Find images that aren’t the standard, boring stock photos found on paid websites.

There are many things you can do to help boost the ranking of your website. This post was created to get you on the right track to ensure you have the best SEO for WordPress available.

An old fashioned slide projector.

We recently had a request from a client to use WordPress’ native video player (media embed). To be honest, even though it’s been around since WP 3.6 (August 1, 2013), We had never used it. We always recommend using Wistia, or at the very least Youtube or Vimeo. Google was unhelpful, so we put together a post explaining how to use it.

Adding a blog post in WordPress is about as easy as sending an email. Once you understand the basics you’ll be well on your way to creating your first post.

The WordPress Logo Floating in Water

Plugins and widgets play a large part in the flexibility of WordPress, created by a large community intent on helping others customize their website and add necessary functions.

We’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how to use your Staging area, giving you the freedom to add, edit, modify, delete, create, update, and test your site to your heart’s content without affecting the live site until you are 120% ready to make those changes live. And the best part is? It’s so easy!