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Custom WooCommerce Development

Most Popular eCommerce Platform

WooCommerce powers 40% of ALL online stores. There are millions of downloads and millions of websites using WooCommerce. Rest assured that you’re picking the best option available.

WooCommerce (the Obvious Choice)

We’ve been developing eCommerce using WooCommerce since 2012. Prior to WooCommerce, it was Magento. At the time Magento controlled the mass share of online eCommerce + it had a good helping of integrations. It was the obvious choice at the time. Over the last several years (due to the growth of WordPress) Woocommerce has taken over as the premium selection for an online shop. WooCommerce powers more online stores, has a larger support community and the integration stack keeps growing. It’s the obvious choice for eCommerce.

All the Features You Need (& No Bloat)

Standard Features


Get a birds-eye view of your store’s performance or drill down to check out reports per month, per product category or even per individual product.

Comprehensive Store Management

Easily manage your simple, digital and variable products with the intuitive UI. Assign Store Managers to handle the day to day management of your store.

One Page Checkout

Fewer checkout steps are proven to increase conversions. Allow customers to check out quickly and efficiently with our distraction-free one-page-checkout which includes real-time form validation.

Intricate Tax & Shipping Options

Built to include various methods including shipping classes to create intricate shipping rules. Configure comprehensive tax settings with tax classes and local tax rates.

Marketing & Promotion

Run complex coupon campaigns offering a range of discount options, usage limits and product / user restrictions as well as free shipping.


Encourage customers to share your products with their friends via social media. You can even incentivise sharing by offering discounts.


Our review system is built on WordPress’ comment system and is easy to use and manage. You can even reward your reviewers with discounts.

Account Panel

Your customers can log in and easily manage their orders and details in their convenient account panel.

Shipping Calculator

Give your customers the opportunity to calculate their shipping costs before they checkout using our convenient shipping calculator.

Product Filtering

Nobody likes endless searching. Your customers can use our AJAX Layered Navigation Plugin to find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Why WooCommerce?

You may have an incredible idea for an eCommerce website, some functionality or design concept; let us help you make your eCommerce goals a reality using our Framework + WooCommerce (the perfect match). WooCommerce powers more eCommerce websites globally than any other eCommerce option. The Developer base is huge (this means you’ll have access to thousands of plugins to enhance your online shop). Our enterprise level, eCommerce solution is simple for end users and loads super fast which greatly improves the on-site performance.

Spark Logix Studios are proficient experts with WordPress and eCommerce, rivaling any dev. firm worldwide. Challenge us with your eCommerce website development needs.

eCommerce Devices
eCommerce Devices

Products and Reports

Challenge us! You’ll be surprised at how much we can accomplish (you dream it, we build it). We’d love to show you what we’ve done and how we can save you time and money with your new eCommerce website. We love eCommerce and build custom solutions every day, we’re ready for your challenge.

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