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Custom WordPress Framework

Think of the Spark Logix Studios’ Framework as the most comprehensive theme builder on the planet. Most Content Management Systems (CMS, like WordPress) are built in a manner to be the starting point of a web build. They typically require a “theme” or a “template” to get started on a design. With WordPress, every website built has a base theme to work off of, it just depends on which one you choose before you start developing.

WordPress + RespondoPro

There are two types of WordPress development shops: Those that use someone else’s base theme to start your project from or those that have created their own theme for custom development projects. Spark Logix Studios has not only created the base theme but we’ve also created a theme builder (or Framework) to allow for FULL customization.

Faster Development Time

Our clients are able to point to design concepts and we can quickly modify our framework to fit the exact needs of the client. This process has been vetted over several years and allows for faster design and development times. We’ve also made the framework’s core design capabilities to be fully responsive. This means: we’ve tested thousands of design concepts across hundreds of websites; this reduces the development time and troubleshooting process throughout development.

A list of Theme Options

Respondo Pro is a development agency ready, full WordPress Framework.

Theme Options

With Respondo Pro we can create thousands of layout variations above the fold using the pre-header, header, and header menu options. Under the client’s direction (or the direction of our design team) we’re able to create different header layouts in an almost unlimited array of options, all very quickly and many times without the need of custom development.

Menu Options

If custom development is needed it’s never a problem, our development team created the framework, they know how to quickly modify it. If there are design requests they can become a reality and usually at a fraction of the time it takes other developers.

Add Custom CSS

Easy Landing Page Creation

Not only full style control but also useful functionality is found in theme options. One aspect is the user’s ability to quickly create landing pages. When creating a landing page you’ll select our built in template for landing page. This template will then take on the prompts you set in theme options. That’s just one small example.

Landing Page Options


Inclusion of Design Shortcodes

In addition to the core capability of the Spark Logix Studios Framework, each install includes our Respondo Pro shortcode plugin for further design customization. Along with the same robust capabilities as the Framework comes a design tool allowing our User Interface team to quickly customize your User’s experience to fit exact requirements. This plugin also allows for novice users to create highly engaging page layouts.

A look at adding a shortcode.
Read More on Shortcodes

Theme Options Continued…

Widget Area Accessibility

With this framework we’ve also incorporated elements for ease of development such as an ability to create a special sidebar for a specific page. The complexity of creating this is eliminated and novice users (with a little training) are capable of creating new widget areas and assigning them to specific pages.

Creating Widget Areas

Something else that helps save you time and expands more possibilities is that each widget area you create is now found throughout the framework. For example: you create a page and want a specific sidebar for your page? Easy, in page options under where you write your content you just select your newly created widget area from a dropdown. This along with selecting a template with a right or left sidebar and you’ve done it. No coding needed.

Customized Widget for Sidebar in Post or Page

You’ll also have the ability to alter sidebar positioning to either be fixed or scrolling. This is a super cool feature that you can add sitewide or on a per page basis. If you want a little information in the sidebar to stay with the user as they scroll you can do it with a fixed sidebar.

Fixed or Scrolling Sidebar

eCommerce Ready

The Respondo Pro Framework Theme is built with WooCommerce as the choice for eCommerce. Not only is it available, it’s closely integrated a boost from Respondo Pro. Respondo Pro was built for specific use with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Attributes

The attention to detail throughout the WooCommerce framework was a priority. You now control (via theme options) the greatest WordPress, eCommerce plugin available.

Footer Options

As it is with all elements within the Respondo Framework, the footer has hundreds of modifications that we can quickly adapt and customize for the best, custom user experience.

Just to give you a quick overview of some of the framework’s footer options: Control the columns layout with options including (6 column, 5 column, 4 column, 3 column, 2 column, 1 column, 2 quarter and 1 half columns, 1 half and 2 quarter columns, 1 third and 2 thirds columns, 2 thirds and 1 third columns).

PreFooter Column Options

Each of these columns represent the positioning of your widgets, the 6 columns represented have pre built widgets built into the framework theme. This isn’t all but it should give you some idea of the capabilities for future modifications (as needed) of your custom built website housed on the Respondo Framework Theme by Spark Logix Studios.

Productivity at the Core

The framework is where our developers spend their time, it’s infinitely adaptable and monumentally affordable. Deciding on working with Spark Logix Studios is much more than selecting a development and design team to build your website. With Spark Logix Studios you get website longevity. If you don’t like something in a few months the framework will let you change it, and most likely, change it without a code genius at your side. Adapt the website on your own, it’s possible… and probable now! There are a a lot of reasons to work with Spark Logix Studios, the Framework might rise to the top of your list.

Have more questions? Please ask, we’d be happy to demo the Respondo Pro Framework.

The Use of Shortcodes

WordPress shortcodes are really awesome BUT at first (for noobs) they can seem more difficult than they really are. Here, we clear up what shortcodes are and display for you how easy they are to use.

Design Notes for Agencies

If your group is providing mockup artwork to use, this will serve as your guide in understanding best practices for design preparation for development with Spark.

The Respondo Pro WordPress Framework

WordPress + RespondoPro

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