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We do not rely on questionable tactics, or smoke and mirrors to attract new clients. Instead we use reliable, proven, data driven strategies to drive traffic and new business to your website.

Because we understand that no two businesses and markets are alike, we offer a full range of Digital Marketing services a la carte. With our expertise, we can help you put together a monthly marketing plan that optimizes your ROI, fits within your budget, and helps you hit all of your marketing goals.

Because we believe in transparency, all of our pricing is listed on this page. Each custom Digital Marketing Package requires a minimum 1 year contract.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Below is a comprehensive list of the Digital Marketing Services we offer. Check out our Case Study by clicking the button below.

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Marketplace Analysis and Strategy

Our Digital Marketplace Analysis and Strategy Report will produce data and insights (we use the SWOT methodology) into your current market, and provide a strategy moving forward that will provide the strongest ROI on your market spend. This is the starting point for any smart marketing plan. Before spending thousands of dollars a month on a marketing campaign, you need to ensure that you understand the digital landscape, and identify the low hanging fruit and easy wins. Once the analysis is completed, you will be ready to develop a successful digital marketing strategy. It will ultimately provide a way forward for your company, and ensure any money spent sees a justifiable return on the investment.

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Backlink Acquisition

Backlink and Citation Acquisition is the meat and potatoes of any Search Engine Optimization strategy. Google’s goal is to always present the best content to their users as they search the internet. A backlink (also known as  “inbound links” or “incoming links”) are a huge factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. Think of it like a popularity contest. The more websites with a high Domain Authority (meaning, Google views them as authoritative sources) linking to your website, with keywords related to your content, the higher they will boost you in the search rankings (SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages) for those keywords.

Google has gotten very good at preventing folks from gaming the system. They are slow to change organic rankings, so a steady drip of backlinks each month is needed in order to move up in the organic ranking. You can’t cheat the system (if you’re caught using questionable methods, Google will remove your website from their search results altogether, which can destroy your business), it requires a long process of contacting websites within your market that have a high Domain Authority, contact them, write an article to provide them free content, in exchange for a link to your website.

We offer two Tiers of backlink packages, our Standard Package, and our Aggressive Package.

Google AdWords Management

Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is a long term lead generation strategy, if you want instant results within Google’s system, Google AdWords is your best option. Our Adwords Certified team will help do keyword analysis, identify opportunities, and ensure that your campaign is created and managed properly, which helps keep your CPC (Cost per click) as low as possible. If your campaign is not structured the way Google wants, you will be penalized in by seeing a higher cost for appearing at the top of the advertisements.

Our AdWords management includes the initial setup and campaign creation fee, and a monthly long term management cost, as our team makes weekly adjustments to your bids, keywords, and overall strategy based on the campaign goals and ROI statistics. Form there, we optimize and scale.

Forensic Website Visitor Identification

Using powerful Artificial Intelligence tools, we are able to identify people who come to your website and provide your sales team with their contact information. On average only 2% of the visitors to your site will identify themselves, either by making a purchase or submitting a form. But using only their IP Address, our powerful tool can identify the other 98% of users. It provides their name, company, job title, social media accounts, e-mail, and phone number. It also helps you understand what pages they were looking at on your website, how long they spent on those pages, and allows your sales and marketing team to contact them to follow up. It will drastically transform your lead generation capabilities.

With our system, you will have access to your own company dashboard, where you can see and analyze web traffic, integrate with your CRM, Google Adwords, Forms, Newsletters, and other marketing tools, and have the opportunity to turn a site visit that would have been wasted into a valuable lead opportunity. Imagine being able to turn all of your unconverted AdWords clicks into leads for your sales team to follow up on. Imagine knowing exactly who is on your website, and being able to contact them to help convert them from a visitor to a customer. That is what our tool can do.

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SEO Content Creation

The other key aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is content creation. Remember when we said Google’s goal is to present the best information possible to their users? You can have as many backlinks as you want, but if your content is bad, Google will not put it at the top of their search results. Content is a very broad term, but it can include products, articles, lists, guides, infographics, and more. In order to create a smart content plan, you must identify your goals, consider your audience demographics, create a schedule of regular content updates and creation, and do your keyword research. Our team of content creators are experts in this arena, and working with your team, will create a regular flow of keyword dense, relevant, well researched content, optimized and added to your site each month. This, coupled with a solid backlink strategy, will see your site move up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), and drive more leads to your website.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to the Pay-Per-Click programs through Google, there are many social media options that could create some powerful returns, depending on your market. LinkedIn can be an incredibly powerful tool for B2B marketing. You can hone in on a market, industry, and job title, and ensure your ads are getting to the specific decision makers, and generate powerful leads. Facebook allows you to target specific regions, and implement powerful audience tools to get your ads in front of future customers. There are many options for advertising on Social Media, our team will help you identify which venue makes the most sense based on your market, and help you capitalize on your marketing spend.

Social Media Management

Depending on the market, social media engagement can make or break your business. However, replying to comments, monitoring your pages, and posting consistently can be time consuming. We can take that burden off your hands. Our expert team will work with your marketing department, to establish the tone, content, and frequency of your social media posts and user engagement. Always professional, always timely, our goal is to grow your audience, so you can leverage that into growth for your business.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing can be a powerful way to turn current business into more business, keep your brand in front of your customers, and take advantage of discounts and other sales initiatives. We can help you conceptualize, plan, and execute your e-mail marketing campaigns. Wether it is an informational newsletter, a sales tool to upsell or cross sell your products and services, or direct marketing to your userbase, we can help grow your subscriber list, and leverage your existing customer base into more business.

Press Releases

If you have a major announcement, event, or newsworthy item, we can help craft your Press Release, and send it to both local and national news organizations and publications for your market. In addition to getting coverage and traffic from your release, you’ll also receive valuable backlinks to your website. For each release, we provide elegant reporting on audience numbers, reach, average Domain Authority, and all the information you need to assess the success of your Press Release strategy, and see the value created.

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