Does Autoplay work on Mobile Devices with Wistia?
Wistia Auto Play

If you’re wondering if autoplay works on mobile devices when using Wistia, here’s your answer.


No, mobile devices are not allowed to display autoplay video (any video, not just Wistia).

Many cell networks have restrictions in place around autoplay videos. Since a lot of mobile phone users are on designated data limits, it’s a violation of certain regulations to force autoplay. (Nobody likes using too much data!)

This means that your videos will autoplay great in a desktop environment, but a user will have to click the play button on a mobile device. –Wistia

Video created by Kendra Benson, Lead Developer at Spark Logix Studios.

How do I get a video to Autoplay on all mobile devices?

Currently, you can’t. However, you can accomplish something similar by transcoding the initial segment of the video into an animated GIF, which is authorized to run on mobile devices when the ad loads.

Gif Example

2 Comments on “Does Autoplay work on Mobile Devices with Wistia?

  1. Hannah

    This is actually a fantastic point and one I never even thought of. Normally, I don’t use my mobile device off of WiFi for stuff like Facebook or Instagram or surfing the Internet if I can avoid it (just to avoid using up too much data) so I never even thought that autoplay would be a violation against some guidelines for using data without the user’s “permission” if you will. I had no idea about that last bit with a gif, so I’ll definitely try that!

  2. Britanica

    I always wondered why. I noticed on my own posts the videos will load up on my laptop, desktop… But then I try on my tablet and phone and nothing. It is nice to know I wasn’t doing something wrong. I guess it makes sense because data is an issue and people don’t want to go on a site and be forced to use it.


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