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Why every Fort Collins business needs Local SEO

Local Fort Collins SEO Explained

Consider the recent online searches that you’ve done on Google, Bing, or another search engine. How frequently did you click on a site that showed up on the 2nd or 3rd page of results? We’re guessing not very regularly. And we’re almost certain that you hardly ever clicked on anything that appeared after the third page of listings. Like most people, you probably found what you were after at or near the top of the first page of search results. Because we all have a tendency to click on first-page listings, there’s little doubt that it’s beneficial to have your website appear in this location. But how do you get such a sought after placement? The answer: by using local Fort Collins SEO strategies.

A basic definition for search engine optimization (SEO) is using specific tactics to get a website listed at the top the search engine results page (SERP). You have the option to pay to have your website appear high on the SERP, but SEO focuses on getting a webpage to “organically” achieve a high position in the listings. SEO favors organic listings, because this makes your website look more trustworthy to people, which will consequently entice more visitors to your page. If you’re targeting a local, Fort Collins audience, you’ll want to concentrate on getting a top position on local search results and use methods geared towards Fort Collins SEO.

Fort Collins SEO

How Does Local Fort Collins SEO Work?

Above all else, search engines prefer to show its users listings that are relevant and authoritative. So, how does Google determine if a site is relevant or authoritative? Well, it compares what the searcher is looking for to details it has gathered from endless webpages.

Search engines acquire these details by sending out “crawlers” (also called “bots) to every website, and these crawlers then explore what’s on the pages and collect info that they’ll report back to the search engines. When deciding where a page should rank in any particular search query, Google uses this info and looks at things like the keywords on the page, social media interaction, the types of links to the site, the content on the page, and much more. Based on these details, Google decides which websites are most relevant and authoritative and puts those at the top of the SERP.


A few things that make a site more relevant:

  1. Using keywords in the content that correlates to what people enter in the search box
  2. Having the same type of wording that the searchers use
  3. Using Fort Collins-based SEO that’s geared towards locals

Examples of things that make a site seem authoritative:

  1. Having other, esteemed pages link to your site
  2. Getting a good deal of social media engagement on your page
  3. Having an older domain

Local Fort Collins SEO is effective, because it identifies all the elements that search engines consider valuable and then puts those components on the website. However, there’s more to it than just making sure these factors are on the page. You must also make sure to build and code the site in the right way, so the crawlers can make sense of what’s there.

What’s more, you can’t just optimize for crawlers, you must also optimize your site for real people. This means that your page should provide a quality user experience that offers value to visitors. This is arguably the most important strategy in any Fort Collins SEO company’s repertoire of skills, since Google is becoming increasingly more adept at figuring out what sites real people find useful.

Ultimately, local Fort Collins SEO strategies are effective because they outfit a website with all the ingredients that will make search engines have confidence that the site is high quality and related to what it’s users are looking for.

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Can You Benefit from Local Fort Collins SEO Strategies?

To put it simply, if you have a website, you need some level of SEO to rank locally in Fort Collins. And if you have a business website, you need excellent SEO aimed at Fort Collins integrated keywords. This is especially true if you’re marketing to a smaller, local audience in the Fort Collins area. Today, it’s not enough to simply have a superb webpage with useful content, as there are too many businesses using Fort Collins SEO services to try and push their competition farther down the search results page. By not taking advantage of optimization, you’re allowing your competitors to take the lead online and inevitably swipe up more customers. Still not convinced?

In addition to making sure these elements and more are present, an important part of SEO is building and coding the site correctly, so the search engine’s crawlers can actually understand what’s on the page and communicate it correctly to Google, Bing, or some other search engine.

If optimizing for robotic visitors wasn’t enough, you should also optimize webpages for human visitors, meaning that the site offers a positive user experience. This may, in fact, be the most vital tactic in any Minneapolis SEO Company’s arsenal, since search engines are becoming better and better at deciphering what pages people find useful. Not to mention that everyone should want to provide a site that real humans enjoy.

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10 Reasons Why SEO is Vital to Your Fort Collins Business

Here are 10 reasons why all businesses targeting our local market need Fort Collins SEO:

1. Almost Everyone is Looking Online for Products and Services

It should come as no surprise that the internet is usually the first place people turn to when they’re in search of a product or service. After all, so many folks have a smartphone, tablet, or other gadget constantly nearby that it’s only natural they’ll grab these devices when looking for a business. If your business is listed at the top of local search listings, then your brand is essentially always in arm’s reach of your customers.  However, if consumers can’t find you online, then they’ll likely give their business to a more visible competitor. With a solid Fort Collins SEO strategy, you have a better chance of getting your page in a noticeable spot in the SERPs and connecting with the customers who want your products or services.

2. Most Customers Investigate Items Prior to Going Shopping

As stated above, many people’s first step in the buying process is performing an internet search for the business, its products, or its services. This is even the case when the person plans on going to a “brick and mortar” store in the Fort Collins area. Studies show that the large majority of consumers use the internet to research products and weigh their options before they physically leave their house to shop. If you have a storefront, SEO can make it easier for searchers to locate your brand and offerings, which may push them towards stopping by your store as opposed to a competitor’s. Even if you only sell goods online, having a high SERP position and a great website may entice people to buy from your online store instead of going out to shop.

3. SEO is Not Going Anywhere

For years people have claimed that “SEO is dead” or that it’s no longer effective. Despite these critic’s false claims, SEO is still around and is as effective as ever. What’s actually happened is that SEO has changed over the years, and some of the tactics that once worked are no longer successful. For those who haven’t kept up with local SEO’s evolution, it may seem like SEO is dead, but it’s very much alive and still driving businesses to the top of search listings. Rest assured that as long as Google continues to rank websites in search results, local SEO will continue in some shape or form, and Fort Collins SEO companies will not stop helping businesses rise in the rankings.

4. Your Competitor’s Use a Local Fort Collins SEO Strategy

There’s no doubt that some of your competition is relying on optimization and using the services of a Fort Collins SEO expert – the successful results of SEO are simply too hard for people to ignore. And the number of businesses using SEO practices is increasing constantly, which means if you’re not on board with optimization then you’re assuredly losing online visibility to a competitor that does use SEO and is easier for shoppers to find. Not only does this lower traffic to your website, but it ultimately causes a loss in sales and hurts your bottom line.

5. It’s Cost Effective

You can purchase a paid listing, which will cause your website to show up higher in search results, and sometimes this is a smart strategy when you need to give a young site a quick lift off. However, it can get expensive over the long run and never looks quite as reputable to searchers as a listing that ranked high organically. Other marketing avenues, like pay-per-click, email, social media, and others can also offer strong results, but they have a difficult time providing the high ROI that a well-done Fort Collins SEO campaign can deliver. It’s a challenge for any other marketing channel to match the visibility, traffic, and potential conversions that come with having a high SERP ranking.

6. It’s the Basis of all Online Marketing Campaigns

As important as SEO is, you shouldn’t neglect other, important online marketing strategies, like using social media and online branding. That being said, you will cripple all your other marketing endeavors if you don’t have a solid website and corresponding SEO to prop them up. This is because your webpages are ultimately what people will search for when they’re looking to get more information about your business, no matter where they originally hard about your brand. So, SEO should remain the foundation of all marketing campaigns.

7. It Keeps Your Number One “Salesperson” Busy

In a lot of ways, your website is your ideal salesperson – it never takes time off, follows directions, and delivers new leads 24/7. With top-notch SEO, you can make sure this perfect employee always has work to do and constantly interacts with new people and brings in potential customers.

8.  Inbound Marketing Works Better than Other Strategies

Inbound marketing refers to practices, like SEO, that entice people to come to your business or website naturally. In contrast, outbound marketing is when you use paid promotion to thrust your brand onto consumers. Current marketing research reveals that inbound marketing delivers considerably more leads as compared to outbound strategies, and marketers report that SEO is often their most effective inbound strategy. This means that if a large percentage of leads are originating from SEO efforts, those who don’t optimize are certainly forfeiting leads to competitors.

9. It’s Effective!

When done correctly, SEO for Fort Collins audiences can push regular, local traffic to your pages. This is shown in repeated case studies, even while search engines have altered their algorithms. The way to make it work for you is by having SEO done correctly by someone who understands how to properly leverage today’s strategies. Even if you’ve experimented with SEO previously without much luck, it might surprise you what can happen when it’s done by a genuine SEO specialist who knows the local Fort Collins market and has the ability to flow with the ever-changing online environment.

10. SEO Doesn’t Take a Lot of Your Time

Let’s be clear, building and implementing a successful Fort Collins SEO strategy can take a lot of time to set up and manage, but it doesn’t have to be by you. If you’re like most business owners, you are incredibly busy and are constantly being pulled in various directions. If you add managing SEO on your list of responsibilities, it’ll undoubtedly take a toll on your time and detract from other business duties. Optimization is one of those things that you can hand off to a Fort Collins SEO company and know that they’ll keep it running smoothly while you concentrate on the daily operations of your business.

Can You Handle Local Fort Collins SEO on Your Own?

There are some parts of local SEO that you can certainly do by yourself. However, don’t forget that some people’s whole careers are centered on mastering Fort Collins SEO strategies, so there’s definitely a lot that goes into optimization. Taking the DIY approach would take a considerable amount of time and you’d still likely never be on the same playing field as those who do it professionally. The experts have already been through and no how to avoid the pitfalls, they stay up-to-date with current trends, and are constantly ready for evolutions in the online landscape. Because of this, they are able to provide superior results, and most businesses find that hiring a Fort Collins SEO expert pays for itself in the long haul.

Local Fort Collins SEO

The Final Word on SEO for Fort Collins

To summarize everything in a single sentence, if you’re not using SEO that’s aimed at a Fort Collins audience then your website may be invisible to most people on the internet. Optimization is what’s going to make your site “findable” and increase traffic to your pages. Whether your business exists mainly online or in the physical world, having a highly visible site is always going to pay off in more customers and sales.

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