Hedorah WordPress Framework

Perfect Code and Proper Structure For Speed, Flexibility and Performance

Why Our Own Framework?

During the first few years of Spark Logix Studios existence, we worked like many WordPress developers do. We would help the Client select a theme they liked, and that was relatively stable, and work from there. However, our frustration grew as we saw code inconsistencies, speed issues, conflicts, and just generally sloppy work. Often times this would grow the cost of a site build many times over, as we tried to make complex API integrations work within a theme that was not optimally built using WordPress’ standards.

We quickly realized we could do better. We created the first iteration of our framework, Respondo. We continued to update and expand it’s capabilities, eventually releasing Respondo Pro. However, with the release of WordPress 5.0 (Guttenberg), we decided to build something truly extraordinary. The Herdorah Theme.

Unlimited Design Options

We have designed Hedorah to allow you to take advantage of all of the features and ease of use that WordPress brings to the table, while also ensuring you can have a completely unique design. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our Portfolio. All of those sites were built using the same theme. No template designs, just powerful options in the Customizer to create something unique.

Hedorah Guttenberg Block Plugin

In addition to developing the theme, we’ve created our own custom block plugin. Using our block plugin, you can create spectacular layouts, calls to action, and have the most incredible designs right at your fingertips. When we build a site, we also create re-usable blocks to allow our clients to easily create new pages and layouts on their own.

Hedorah Tutorials

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