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Navigating through the social media mess can seem like an overwhelming task for many people.  Social media marketing is something most people find very confusing. Looking at the picture below you can see why.  Trying to navigate through this social media mess would even make Chuck Norris stop dead in his tracks.  Click to enlarge the picture, but don’t expect it to be any less mind boggling!

The crazy world of social media marketing


3 Comments on “How Confusing Social Media Really Is

    1. Richard Morrison

      Thanks for commenting.  That’s a great point.  Most of us just use the main four (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin) and manage very well.  It’s kind of cool to see all of the social media platforms in existence in one picture and getting a clear look at what each of them does.  It makes me want to try a few new ones just out of pure curiosity.


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