How Do I Get Local Leads? by Spark Logix Studios
How Do I Get Local Leads?

Getting local leads can be difficult but it’s not impossible. There are a lot of methods that can really payoff but be prepared to put in a lot of work or be willing to pay someone to put in a lot of work.

Here’s a list of items you can do to get more local leads:

Have an Exceptional Website

Your website should have a clear, simple message of what you do and why you do it better than your competition. You should be able to explain what you believe and have that align with your prospect’s beliefs. The website needs to work perfectly on all devices and should load exceptionally fast. The website should also include a clear call to action (what you want your prospect to do). Updated and fresh, useful content including a blog is a must have when optimizing your website.

Use Google Adwords

Having nicely optimized Adwords campaigns with good ad copy, a strong list of keywords, appropriate negative keywords, and high quality scores (among other things) will allow you to target local people looking for what you offer. It’s one of the best ways to find the exact people you want to target.

Add Your Details to Local Business Listings

Look at business listings websites as search engines, if you’re not there no one will find you. Adding your business’ details to all of the popular “phone book websites” will also help in your ranking on Google Places (very important). Have a plan in mind to maximize your efforts here as it takes a long time to sort out and add your details (there’s a lot of sites out there).

Advertise on Facebook

It’s highly likely that your prospect has a Facebook account and it’s also likely they use it with some frequency. Advertising on Facebook may not be right for every business BUT it’s a surefire way to target people and stay in front of them (and often). With Facebook you must anticipate time and money spent. It will cost you money to advertise there and in today’s Facebook world, money is your way to get new likes and get your special offers and messages seen by your target market.

Create a Strong Newsletter

Give something really great away to entice people to sign up for your newsletter. The newsletter needs to offer value and special offers. Newsletter lists take time to grow, expect a slow process. However, once you’ve created a large list you can bet that it will always offer a strong lead flow for years to come.

Raffle Really Cool Stuff

Use an online raffle service to get people to sign up for the newsletter, like you on Facebook or do other stuff that gets them connected with your business. This will be a way to reach out to people that may not know they need your product or service, yet.

Be Nice to Everyone and Ask for Referrals

As new business arrives at your door you must be prepared to cultivate those relationships and seek out referrals. Your customers chose you for a reason, help them remember the reason and find out who they know that could also benefit. Create a referral plan and focus on it every day.

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