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How much should I pay for a website?

The cost of building a website ranges dramatically. However, we’ll break down what you can expect on most levels and most budgets. This is only a guide, it does not represent what Spark Logix Studios charges for web design and development. We would be happy to give you a custom quote on your project anytime you’d like.

First, we’ll talk about WordPress.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes range in price from free to a couple hundred dollars.


With free you get a basic theme, it’s styled one way and you may or may not find support from the theme developer. It’s likely that most businesses would not be well served using a free WordPress theme.


When buying a theme you can expect to usually pay around $50 (this cost varies in relation to where you buy it). The price for premium WordPress themes could range from $25 to several hundred dollars. Going this route you will most likely have support, though it may not live up to your expectations. When you buy a theme you will need to read the documentation, understand installation and then know the options you want to apply to the website. These options could include: menus, layouts, theme options, widgets and other custom theme features including custom post types, testimonials, portfolio and more.

Issues with buying a WordPress theme include: It might not work as you thought it would, might not work in all browsers and respond in all devices as you would want it to, support may not be effective leaving you with a lot of time spent and a theme that doesn’t work, plugins may conflict with core theme code, when WP updates the theme might not be compatible plus MUCH MORE.

Custom WordPress

Having a custom WordPress site built by a competent developer or development team is more expensive.

Working with a Contractor – It’s possible to hire contractors and lower your expenses. Expect when working with a contractor to pay the least amount and expect to spend the most amount of time refining, communicating and troubleshooting. When working with a contractor you will experience limitations due to what they have done. A standard WordPress build with a contractor can range from a few hundred dollars to around $4,000. Expect to pay more in relation to the amount of time needed for customization.

Working with an Established CompanyExpect a smoother process, better communication and a faster build. Most competent web development companies will charge anywhere from $60 – $200 per hour.  You should expect a standard web build to range from $3,500 – $8,500. Then you will need to take into account the amount of time any specific extras will take. For a large project with customizations most development companies will charge the standard hourly rate and work it into the final cost. If a special feature on your site takes 100 hours to complete and the company bills at $100 per hour you can expect that customization to cost an additional $10,000 bringing the project cost to $10,000 + the standard web build costs. Working with an established web development business with a solid portfolio will mean you will have a better experience and be happier with your website (most of the time).

Second, we’ll talk about Marketing Packages.

Marketing Website (in a package)

There are many companies (including ours) that will package a web design and development into a full marketing package. This means you would get more services for advertising and marketing your website in addition to the website alone. Now, this concept has a huge range in price so consulting with a company is a must (don’t make assumptions on pricing with this – there are far too many variables in marketing) -here we’ll give you a range. Most companies will require a minimum of a 6 month agreement (important to note). The company will also typically retain hosting and control of the site. Cost can range from around $1,000 per month to $4,000 per month (again, depending on the size and scope of the marketing package associated). Typically you will not have much say in the customization of the website (it’s for marketing and you should trust the company you’re working with that they know what they’re doing).

Third, eCommerce and Custom Built Websites.


Monthly – The Monthly eCommerce solution is one that you pick a template and customize it using a service. These services have a huge price range and can be a flat monthly cost, per product + flat cost and even a transaction cost. The site will not be on your server, nor will you control anything if the company goes out of business or changes a policy. You lose a lot of control with this option.

Open Source CMS – This could include Magento and the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress. These options can be free but will usually require a developer. Magento Enterprise (annual fees start at $15,550) – However, you can do it on your own but expect a lot of time and headache. A typical large scale Magento build will start in the high $20,000 range and depending on need may go well over $100,000. Using the WordPress plugin, WooCommerce, you can expect a customized and fully functioning eCommerce store to range from $5,000 – $15,000 and up depending on extra hours outside a standard build (custom features).

Custom Web Development

This one ranges too much so we’ll need to stick with the hourly concept. Working with a company you can expect a range typically higher than that of a standard WP build. The range would be $100 – $300 (this again depends on the programming language and work expectations). Big custom sites could cost millions. Small custom sites could cost a few thousands dollars and up.


Spark Logix Studios loves to give free consultations and great pricing options. Contact us today!

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