How Much Should You Pay for SEO? How Much Should SEO Cost?
How Much Should You Pay for SEO?

How Much Should You Pay for SEO?

If you go to five different SEO providers your may come back with five totally different prices for optimizing your site. So, how do you know what to pay; especially when you’re asking for services you may not totally understand? It’s important to remember SEO is in constant flux. Google ranks sites based on hundreds of criteria, and their algorithm can change up to 600 times a year. With that in mind, it’s vital to choose a company who is experienced and up-to-date with the current trends. In addition, here are four other questions you should ask yourself when deciding how much to pay for SEO.

1. Do You Want Cheap SEO or SEO that Works?

SEO is like anything else in life – you get what you pay for. Choosing a bargain-basement, “one size fits all” type of service may save you money initially, and it may even get your site highly ranked (for a time), but overall it offers little ROI.

This is because good SEO involves much more than tweaking a few things and installing some plugins to improve traffic. After all, what’s the use of having higher rankings if it isn’t converting to sales? Real SEO experts understand your business and your customers are unique and require a personalized strategy. To truly boost your conversion rates, they must consider a whole gamut of variables, and specifically, how to bring in the right type of visitors – AKA those who are truly interested in your site and are more apt to become paying customers.

2. Who’s in Charge of Your SEO?

SEO is challenging because it involves a multitude of skill sets. Not only does it require the talents of a programmer, but also a designer, marketer, and server administrator. Sometimes you can find all these abilities in one person, but usually this type of service is delivered by a team of people – each adept in their own particular niche.

Either way, it is not a task you want to leave in the hands of just anyone, so be wary of those who claim to be a jack of all trades or those who minimize the scope of optimization.

3. Will They Optimize Every Page?

Keep in mind, not every visitor will arrive through your homepage. Depending on what they are looking for, Google may direct them to any one of your pages, and since they all have different content it is vital that each one is optimized individually. For effective optimization, ensure your SEO company treats all pages as a potential port of entry and considers:

  • What might bring a person to this page?
  • How can I get their attention?
  • How can I earn their trust?
  • How can this page meet this persons needs/result in sales?

4. Are They Dedicated to Finding the Best Keywords?

Keywords serve as the foundation for your whole SEO strategy, so it is important they are chosen with precision. Ideally, your site should rank highly for searchers who are aware of your business (use brand-specific search terms) and for those who generically search for your product or service.

It takes real effort to uncover the most advantageous keywords, and going with an SEO company that chooses these terms lightly will keep your website from ever reaching its full potential. Once the optimal keywords and phrases are chosen, then the rest of the SEO strategy can be designed, and finally the actual coding can begin. Anything other than this sequence will lower your conversion rates and make future site modifications more difficult.

You can relate purchasing an SEO service to how you might buy a suit. Sure, you can buy a less expensive, “off the rack” design, and it might fit okay, or you can pay a little more and purchase a custom suit tailored to your specific body. It all boils down to how much you are willing to pay for quality, and how much you want to invest in a great product. And that’s all SEO is – an investment. So, perhaps you shouldn’t be asking yourself how much SEO costs, but what return an SEO company can provide.

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    1. Richard Morrison

       Hi Shane, thank you for commenting.  I’m not sure how the title is misleading.  The whole point of the article is to give a few guidelines when pricing out an SEO service.  Again, thank you for the comment.

      1. Effective Site

        It absolutely is misleading… it’s like it you titled a blog “How much should you pay for a manicure?” then never give a price and only talk about how they can have different quality nail files, and they should be good at choosing what nail shape is right for you…..


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