How Retailers Tweak eCommerce Sites | info from: Wall Street Journal

Information taken from a Wall Street Journal article written on December 23, 2011: Original Wall Street Journal article is located here.


Allow Customer Ratings

Giving potential customers a look into what others think. This gives added transparency to the product.

Better Website Layouts

Creating larger “buy” buttons and adding mannequins to show off clothing. However, we believe human models to be the best method in promoting and selling clothing.

Using Amazon as the Model

Retailers are trying to emulate Amazon’s techniques. Many large retailers are testing A/B methods to discover the most profitable layouts.

Useful and Large Search Box and “Your Cart”

It is believed the words “your cart” are more effective than simply “cart”. It gives the user the feeling they have something to buy. A large search box makes shopping simpler.


So what do we think was missing from the article?


Add Product Videos!

Studies have shown how effective product videos are. Google likes video and returns optimized videos in search results at a very high rate. People are naturally lazy, and they like sharing with their friends, video makes it easy. Finally, video adds a personal touch and offers a higher level of trust.


14 Comments on “How Retailers Tweak eCommerce Sites WSJ

  1. Derek Heppler

    I believe that website layout is most important. If the user feels any bit confused or unable to use the site they will not make purchases due to the inconvienance of having to figure out how to use the site. People shop online for its simplicity and convienance and if the layout is not those things then you will not be successful.

  2. Fluxies

    I think the layout of the website is important, because when it is disorient a user will close the window and won’t look for it anymore.

  3. Thomas Cruz

    I am deeply impressed with the way the author presented this article. Truly, the pointers mentioned are so evident in sites that I see to be so successful. One can get to learn so much out of this article, specially if he is into this endeavor.

  4. Caicharen12345

    I think video and human models are more intuitionistic to clothes buyers.Using a large search box and “your cart”is also better to promote selling clothes.Because it’s convenient to buyers.

  5. Aprilsong

    i think allow customer rate is very important, in fact, most of us will take other buyers rating into account before making their decision of buying one product.

  6. Janesanchez92

    I would really appreciate it if models are all humans. LOL One time, I was buying a shirt for my supervisor. It’s a Christmas gift. I wanted to see how the shirt looked when it’s worn. I asked one sales rep to try it, but he hesitated. He said they’re prohibited to do so. I insisted, and told him it’s a customer’s request. The customer is always right. LOL He did try the shirt, and I was satisfied with what I saw. My supervisor and the sales rep have the same body built.

  7. Ihsan Fitriadi

    The more important of all is to enlarge the Search Box and “Your Cart”. For thus enabling us to better maximize the expected results. But overall, all phases are equally important, to start a business is required stages, is no exception in the business of retailers and eCommerce.

  8. A K Rao

    Interesting article on Online Marketing! Yes, customer ratings gives more trasnpeency to the business! The other factors like better web site with Your Cart tab instead of simple Cart can create a personal touch! Thaks for sharing!

  9. melody magno

    Great articles written.The important of most is to have products shown and so the buyers will look the real truth of the thing they like to buy.Video can help people to watch it and will rate it .

  10. Darshiprakash

    Good suggestions for marketing. Now a days ecommerce is very popular and most of the persons are interested in online shopping which is more convenient. Your article gives good tips and suggestions to the site owner to improve their site.

  11. laligaboy

    Very nice post. I am new to e-commerce & would like to learn more about. Please keep on writing great posts like this.. Thank you.

  12. Newbobiecayao

    The best website i ever seen, where you can enjoy different activities. This is another way on how to advertise your products and etc. very nice share. Thanks for posting it here.


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