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The internet is increasingly becoming the medium of choice for marketers, and as this evolution continues it is imperative that businesses integrate their SEO and social media efforts. Keep reading to learn how you can combine these strategies together to create one, powerful campaign.

Target Keywords Towards Social Aspects of Your Site

How to combine seo and social media

To get your website spread through various social channels, you have to create a certain “buzz” around your pages. However, this is impossible to do if searchers can’t find the most interesting (and most shareable) aspects of your site such as videos, pictures, and blog posts. Thus, it’s important when optimizing content you choose keywords and tags that help you rank for these elements (not just your site name).

Also, search engines are now placing more weight on social media interactions when delivering search results, which means if you can get more people sharing your content and making comments, the better  your chances of ranking highly.

Make it Easy to Share

How to combine seo and social media

No matter how great your content, most people aren’t going to go out of their way to share it; you have to make it easy for them. Make sure you have social buttons (like, +1, Tweet, etc.) clearly visibly on all your pages. Additionally, you can encourage viewers to get involved by having votes and contests. These types of tactics can result in endless links to your site and a boost in rankings.

Have a Plan

Don’t just jump into your SEO and social networking strategies without a game plan. It’s tempting to begin optimizing and socializing right from the get-go, but this will inevitably lead to holes in your campaign. It is better to follow a systematic approach to ensure you get the most out of your efforts.

Here’s How to Combine SEO and Social Media:

Determine Your Target Audience

  • What are they into?
  • What are they talking about?
  • Are they involved in current trends?
  • How do they typically share?
  • Where are they finding information?
  • What online places do they “hangout?”
  • Do they prefer mobile or static platforms?

You really can’t know too much about your audience since better understanding results in improved interactions and experiences.

Determine Your Online Objectives

What is the purpose of optimizing your site or participating in social networks? Obviously you want to increase awareness of your brand, but what else? Perhaps you want people to sign up for a newsletter, register for your RSS feed, buy something, or supply their contact info. Once you pinpoint a conversion strategy you are better prepared to focus your work in that direction.

Formulate Your Plan

This is where quality content, keywords, SEO, and social interactions come into play. You must strike a balance between your contributions (blogs, videos, pictures) and consumer-generated content. When you have these facets working together you have a much better chance of ranking highly and for a variety of keyword phrases.

Evaluate Your Progress

Tweak what’s not working, and begin the process again. People’s opinions and preferences are always changing, so you must regularly adapt your plan. Using social media monitoring software can provide huge insight into conversations, influencers (those who have a big social pull), and trends.

As the saying goes, “if you’re going to do something, do it right.”  There’s no sense starting a SEO or social media campaign without a clear direction of where you’re headed, but with a comprehensive strategy you can achieve remarkable results and maximum exposure for your business.



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