How to Get Instant Traffic with Influencer Marketing (Guide)
Influencer Marketing


Creating a new website or taking your current website and building traffic can be difficult. However, with Influencer Marketing, if you do it right, you’ll get instant traffic to your site and you’ll increase your followers / subscribers.

What is Influencer Marketing?

There are people online with popular blogs and social channels that have a large audience. These individuals (because of their audience) are influencers. If you can help an influencer, they’ll be willing to help you. Influencer Marketing is the tactic of utilizing audiences larger than yours to grow your following / traffic.

Influencer Marketing: Blog Posts

Blog posts are still popular and they will be for a long time. Here are some tips in building an audience and gaining website traffic immediately.

Roundup Posts

Great way for a new blog to generate immediate traffic. If you have an established blog it’s a great way to generate MORE traffic (and relationships). A roundup post is basically mini interviews with “experts” on a specific topic set in a blog post format. You reach out to influencers in your niche (or associated niche) and have them answer a question or two. You then create a dynamic and useful post and have them help you promote it.

  1. Unique Topic – You should be well versed in your niche, this means you know where content is lacking online. What’s a question you would love to see answered? What type of a blog post would you bookmark and refer to later as a reference? If you come up with this topic (or many) you’re ready to move on.
  2. Create a List – Google makes it easy to create a list; add those you know of (authorities in your niche or associated niche) and use Google to find the rest. These are individuals who have an audience and are respected.
  3. Email – Provide your topic concept and identify the length you’d like it. I recommend 50-100 words. Short and to the point. They also do not need to explain the question or topic, just a response.
  4. Create the Post – Create your post with correct on-page SEO, great User Experience and make it interesting and useful.
  5. Outreach – The idea here is to get those influencers to share the newly created post. Give them suggestions on what to share and where to share it. THIS IS THE REASON YOU’RE CREATING THIS TYPE OF CONTENT: Have influencers send traffic to your website.

Example Titles for Roundup Posts & Questions to Ask

  1. When starting a blog, what’s the one thing you did wrong that you would do differently today? Title: 40 Expert Tips on What to Avoid When Starting a Blog
  2. Cooking for those that don’t eat gluten… What’s your favorite dinner recipe? Why do you like it? Title: Top 50 Gluten Free Dinner Ideas (with Recipes)
  3. What do you do to be productive? Title: Vetted Tips on Productivity (what you can do right now to improve) 

Link Roundups

Doing a link roundup is similar (but easier) than a Roundup Post. It consists of YOU writing up a list that links out to examples (posts that further describe your topic). Think of this as a super useful resource. Would you bookmark this page?

  1. Keyword Plan – Decipher where content is lacking. Use Keyword tools if necessary. Create a post concept that focuses on one specific topic.
  2. Create a List – Your list will include the article link, an excerpt that you’ll rewrite and contact method for the producer of the content you’ll be linking to.
  3. Pre-Promote – Let the author you’re linking to know when you’ll be linking to their content (when your post goes live). Give them a heads up and attempt to get them thinking about promoting your post.
  4. Create the Post – Create a post focused on a specific topic. For the post, you’ll want to include the following:
    1. Effective, attention grabbing title.
    2. An explanation of the post. Why is it important and who can benefit? Focus on a target audience. Write to them.
    3. Titles explaining each point. Expect visitors to scan, great titles will help capture attention and keep them on the page reading more.
    4. For each point, include: (your excerpt explaining the point, a brief explanation of who wrote the content you’re linking to, a picture of that person, their name and title and a link to their blog post on the topic).
  5. Promote – Reach out again to those that you’ve linked to and let them know it’s live. Request they promote your content. Give them ideas and play to their needs. Help them understand how this will be a benefit to their audience.

Guest Posts

Don’t discount the effectiveness of creating quality content and giving it to someone with a much larger audience than you. It’s tough letting go of all of that hard work but it’s worth it. When you create a guest post on another, more popular blog, you get immediate access to that audience. If it’s a really great post, they’ll want to see more and they’ll head over to your site, maybe even subscribe, bookmark and share.

  1. Find Blogs  – Locate blogs that will accept guest posts and create a list. If there’s a blog that hasn’t had a guest post, include them in your list and outreach anyway.
  2. Create an Email Template – You’ll want to provide examples of previous work. You’ll want to provide them with a few ideas on what you’ll provide to their blog. Ask their input and let them know how great they are.
  3. Create the Best Posts – After you’re accepted, write the best content you can. Write to their audience and make the content useful and full of purpose.
  4. Content on Their Site – When your post is live on their site you want to make sure that you’re getting: links to your site and a bio (hopefully with social links included).

Influencer Marketing: Social Groups

If you’re wanting to get in front of a large audience quickly (on social media), groups are where it’s at. Members of these groups like your niche already (vetted) and they may even have a large social following of their own. Currently with Groups on FB and Group Boards on Pinterest you can bet most of the content being added is being seen. Use that to your marketing advantage.

Pinterest Group Boards

It’s simple: Find group boards and add your content there. Pinterest has a way of making great content blossom. A phenomenal pin will have exponential growth and can lead to huge traffic gains on your website.

  1. Group Finding ToolPinGroupie allows you to find groups on Pinterest by search. Add your keyword and look for the right group.
  2. Follow the Group
  3. Request to be a Contributor – You’ll need to first check the group’s instructions in the description.
  4. No Instructions? – That’s okay, you’ll need to first build a relationship.
    1. Comment on the Creator’s pins.
    2. Open a dialog between you and them (on social, their site, or any other method).
    3. Share their Pinterest Posts.
  5. Added as a Contributor – Now’s your chance to take your beautiful images and content and put it in front of an audience. Your content on Pinterest may create a life of its own, which means more traffic to your website.

Facebook Groups

Think of a large Facebook group as an influencer. The Admin down to each and every member of the group. They’re getting notifications and they like to use the internet (they’re a member of a FB group). They may even be your target market or have a popular blog and social following of their own.

  1. Answer Questions – Be useful and help individuals with responses to their questions.
  2. Comment – Show encouragement and invoke conversation.
  3. Provide Knowledge – If you know something is true, useful and on topic, share it. People will respect you for it.
  4. Share – Provide experiences and use your content. Careful: if you are new, don’t expect a positive response every time. Try to first build up relationship before you jump in with your own linked content. And ensure it’s relevant and wanted.
  5. Show Off Accomplishments – If you’ve done something amazing, share it. If you’ve been given an award, let them know. Be smart.
  6. Build a relationship with the Admin(s) – Figure out what their goals are and help them achieve them. Be an asset to their group.


2 Comments on “How to Get Instant Traffic with Influencer Marketing

  1. Hannah

    Great tips! As a blogger, I do all of these things as frequently as possible to get my numbers up. I think the most effective for me is usually guest posting and using Pinterest group boards because it just gets your content in front of so many other people you would never reach on your own. I love the idea of roundups, but I haven’t actually done one before, I’m definitely keen to try one after reading this.

  2. Britanica

    Perfect outline on steps to take. I seem to have done mine out of order. It is funny because I had the right idea in mind but simply skipping over a few things you mentioned above is enough to miss out on some valuable traffic. I have yet to use a Facebook fan page or group but I think it is about time I did it. I avoided Facebook for too long. It is a valuable site I need to take advantage of.


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