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Running an online store should be easy. There are several eCommerce solutions out there that accomplish many different tasks for you, making your life a little easier. We REALLY have fallen in love with WooCommerce.

When running a business, reports are very important. WooCommerce has some great out of the box report features, as well as extra features that are available via their extensions.


WooCommere out-of-the-box Reporting

Let’s first take a look at the reporting that comes standard with WooCommerce:

Sales Reporting:


Coupon Reporting:


Customer Reporting:


Stock Reporting:


As you can see, there is a lot of good data available out-of-the-box from WooCommerce Reports. The downside is there is nothing to print and turn over to accounting. That’s not what these basic features are for. If you are interesting in some more advanced reporting features, you do have options.


WooCommerce Reporting Extensions


We’ve only briefly looked at the options that are available. More are becoming available as WooCommerce becomes more popular and demand for extensions increases. Are there certain features you’re wishing would come to WooCommerce?

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