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Improving Social Media Skills in Your Business

Social media is a necessary part of every business, yet there are a good percentage of people within all companies who are uncomfortable, uninterested, or don’t know how to use social networking sites. Although establishing a company Facebook or Twitter account is a start, to become a truly social entity, you must get everyone involved. Here are some tips to getting even the most hesitant team members on board.

1. Have a Fun, Interactive Tutorial

When trying to get coworkers involved in social media, one of the first barriers you have to knock down is a lack of understanding. If you begin by talking about @usernames, hashtags, tweets, and other terms that sound totally foreign to the uninitiated, people will become quickly overwhelmed. Instead, keep things simple and have the group practice on their phone, laptop, or tablets during the instruction. Help the newbies get used to the technology by giving them little tasks such as setting up a username or creating a hashtag of the tutorial.

Remember, socializing is meant to be enjoyable, so keep it light-hearted and interactive – this is definitely not the time for a lecture and PowerPoint.

2. Make it Relevant to Them

The best way to get people interested in anything is by making it relevant to their lives. Help your coworkers see the benefit of social media by pointing out ways in which it is fun or useful for them personally. For instance, you can demonstrate how to use a hashtag to find all tweets related to someone’s favorite show, or how users can ask a question (about anything) and get a fast answer from one of their followers. If you want to keep it more work related, you can explain how Twitter makes it easy to find information about virtually any business or industry.

3. Employ the Help of the Enthusiasts

Just as there are those who know nothing about the topic, there are also those who eat, sleep, and breathe social media. Put these fanatics to work by encouraging them to help those who are less familiar. You can also make them feel good about their skills by highlighting one of their interesting feeds or putting them in charge of socializing an important work event. Showing your appreciation for their skills will entice more employees to participate.

4. Have a Contest

Everyone gets excited about a contest and combining one with social media is just plain fun. Once the whole group is familiar with the technology, build the excitement by offering incentives for specific challenges or milestones. You could setup an Instagram photo contest, see who can be the first to add 50 new followers, or have a Klout score raising competition. Get creative with the contest and have appealing prizes and you will find much more enthusiasm regarding social media.

5. Highlight Worthwhile Tweets

Show employees social media matters to you by highlighting some of their interesting, funny, or relevant tweets and posts on the main corporate pages. This helps to build a sense of community within the business and gives outside followers a sense of your company’s personality. Not only will this make employees feel their opinions matter, but it also makes your brand more “human” to others. Not to mention, those within the company will work harder to post valuable content if they know people are watching and that it might have a chance to be featured.

Once everyone in the company is skilled at using social media, your business’ overall web presence has the potential to increase dramatically. Encourage team members to @mention the company feed whenever they post something related to the industry. Your business will have a much farther reach if all coworkers are mentioning the brand to their individual circles than it will by just having one corporate account.

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