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WordPress for Business

The question you really need answered is: If I spend a whole bunch of money and time to get a new website, should I choose WordPress? And what makes it better than other options? Heck, what are “other options”?

First, why would anyone want to pick WordPress as their website (for the long haul)?

What started as a simple blogging platform has been adopted by thousands upon thousands of developers and has since become a fully equipped content management solution for business. A content management system (CMS) is a platform allowing specified users the ability to change content on the website without knowing much, if any, code.

The user base of WordPress is second to none and the amount of capable developers available for WordPress is massive. Cost to build a really great website is lower. Development costs are lower with WP as the base is already built and tested, it just works.

Plugins, if built correctly save a lot of time in development (thus lowering your costs). Also, there are thousands of plugins that do a wide array of things that can possibly accomplish items that would otherwise cost you a lot of money to develop.

Time. With WordPress you will save development time, your time, updating content time and modifying for future updates. That’s a lot of saved time.

Solid Hosting Options. Hosting with WordPress (if you use the right host) is inexpensive and WP is built to be lighting fast.

Why is WordPress better than other options?

More developers means more people are working on issues you may need assistance with. This means you can find answers quickly and save time and money in the process.

WordPress is just really simple.

Other options I should know about?

Sure, there are bunch of CMS options you could Google. The big players vs. WP would be Drupal and Joomla.

We hope this has helped you in your quest to making the best decision for your future web build.

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