July Giveaway: Cook Like a Pro-osaurus | Win New Cookware

July Giveaway:  Cook Like a Pro-osaurus

Nobody likes boring contests, right?  Why not enter the most exciting small cuisine tool contest on the internet by an internet marketing and web development company in the summer of 2012? Jah.

I know what you’re thinking… “those little guys would be perfect in my kitchen”. Truth is, you’re right. You WILL become a better cook and everyone who knows you will be so impressed at your new mess friends that they’ll most likely want to give you ingredients just to watch you and your cookery bewitchment.

Go ahead and enter, you won’t regret it.

And what exactly could I win?

  • Monkey Peeler
  • Piranha Pizza Cutter
  • Fred Pastasaurus
  • Brown Monkey Potholder
  • Head Chef Spatula

Oh hai… by the way: Congratulations to Dani Marie on winning our iPod Nano giveaway last month! She’s sport’n her new slick silver ipod nano now, sweet.

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15 Comments on “July Giveaway: Cook Like a Pro-osaurus

  1. Rachel Cathcart

    i would love this…. well i should say my children would! They love to cook with me. Tonight we made meatballs =) thank you so much and goodluck to all <3

  2. lawwwn

    aw. this stuff would make a great addition to my modest collection of kitchen appliances. i also unwittingly made my apartment animal themed (not obnoxiously so, i hope).


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