Marketing Case Study


How We Helped A Dental Office Dominate Their Market.

In 2018, we were approached by a Dental Office, hoping to drastically increase their website traffic, with the goal of expanding their practice and getting more clients. They had recently opened brand new offices, and were breaking into a new market, but found that they were struggling to find new clients.

Traditional advertising methods didn’t seem to be doing the trick (mailers, radio commercials, etc.) and they wanted to try their hand at digital marketing. After doing some analysis of their website, we identified three target areas where we felt they could use the most help.



Because they were a new practice, in a new area, their site did not rank for local Google searches. That’s a problem when most people find their new dentist by a local Google search. We decided an SEO Campaign of targeted content and supporting backlinks would be the best way to get them traffic and new customers.


User experience matters! Imagine needing an emergency root canal. You’re in agonizing pain with an abscessed tooth, and you need help now. How much time would you be willing to spend on a website trying to find a way to contact the Dentist before you moved on? Good UX and good design let users find what they need as quickly and easily as possible.


The Client had devised a clever AdWords strategy, but because they lacked the expertise in AdWords, they had configured their campaigns incorrectly. This had created high costs, and an ineffective/inefficient campaign, where they were wasting money without getting very many legitimate leads. The concept was sound, the execution needed help.

Why Redesign Their Site?

One very common issue we find with our clients, is a bad user experience. When a user comes to your site, is it easy for them to get in contact with you to set up an appointment? Or do they have to click through several pages to find your phone number or a contact form. Think about your own website habits. How likely are you to spend 10 minutes clicking through a website to try and get in touch with someone?

Especially when you are having tooth pain?

Most websites fail to have a clear call to action on each and every page, something that is vital for getting people to contact you. This was the biggest issue we saw with the site design of this particular dental office, a user had to make three clicks before they could set an appointment.

Additionally, the site simply looked old and out of date, and was not mobile friendly. Every site we design is responsive, meaning it will appear on any device used correctly, automatically adjusting the layout to fit the pixel width of the device being used. This is especially critical in today’s mobile heavy environment.

Search Engine Optimization

The complex world of ranking organically in Google. It can be a tremendous headache. SEO breaks down into two sides, the first is On-Site optimization, ensuring that your site is structured the way Google wants. This includes writing Titles and Meta-Descriptions, adding alt-text to your images, optimizing the site for mobile, putting header tags in place, etc.

However, once that is done, there isn’t much more work to keep your on-site game in shape. We recommend updating the content on your site regularly (through keyword researched blog or news posts), but once your structure is good, there shouldn’t be more work required.

Off-site Optimization however, is an entirely different game. With Off-site Optimization, you are trying to get backlinks to your website, related to your keywords, from other popular websites. Think of it like a popularity contest, the more high quality links to your site from other sites, the higher in the search results you’ll appear.

SEO is a very slow game. You won’t see the benefits of your investment until 9 or 10 months into the process. Each month you have to get backlinks, and slowly Google will increase your ranking.

Google AdWords

One very unique problem most Dentist Office’s face, in particular new ones, are days with very few appointments. The Client had come up with a clever solution, but one they were struggling to properly implement. We built a Google AdWords campaign based entirely around dental emergencies.

They realized that there were people in their area who were likely searching for help while suffering from a broken or abscessed tooth, and they needed help as soon as possible. By correctly configuring their AdWords campaign, we were able to get them the most bang for their buck, helping them to fill out an otherwise empty day with new appointments. Which means returning clients.

We showed them how to pause and unpause the campaigns and manage things themselves, so any day when they are slow, they can go into their campaign, activate it, and let the calls roll in. The results were amazing!

First Year Results

  • The average time spent on the site went from under 2 seconds, to over 5 seconds.
  • The number of calls received from the website went from two a week, to five a day.
  • The number of form submissions sent through the site, went from an average of 2 submissions per month, to 21 submissions per month.
  • The newly designed site received constant compliments from their clients, and reflected not only their professionalism, but also their unique personality. Every business is different, and we always ensure that your website reflects your values.
  • We grew their Domain Authority from 1 to 24
  • In total, we saw the various keywords we were tracking move up over 976 positions in Google’s search results
  • We moved 7 of their most important keywords into the top 10 Google Search Results (2 keywords in the top 3!)
  • The client saw a 295% boost in organic website traffic
  • During their last quarter, they received 13 new Client’s each month from organic search results.

  • With the improved ad score, their Cost per Click dropped from an average of $23.16 to $4.11!
  • During the previous six months, they had seen only 203 clicks. With the new campaign, in the first month of our campaign they had 207 clicks.
  • Their click-through rate jumped from 0.54% to 5.76%
  • Most importantly, during their first month, they booked 12 new emergency appointments, which for them means 12 new patients to their roster, with recurring revenue!



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