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Mediavine/AdThrive Publisher Assistance

Our WordPress Wizardry knows no bounds!

We are the premier WordPress website development company in Minneapolis, MN. But more than that, we are experts in the Mediavine and AdThrive systems. We can provide assistance with anything and everything you might need, from troubleshooting theme errors, fixing site speed issues, writing new recipe posts, optimizing on page SEO, fixing old posts (including ensuring a teal score in Mediavine), adding new plugins, creating new layouts, and more!

Get the best service with the lowest price tag. Let us work directly with you, and help you save money.

Mediavine Adthrive WordPress

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Why Work With Spark Logix Studios?

Trusted By Many

Spark Logix Studios is the best WordPress shop out there. Period. Companies like Epson, Social Media Examiner, Hiawatha Academies and more trust us with all their WordPress Development needs!

Mediavine & AdThrive Experience

Unlike many WordPress shops out there, we have hands on experience working with the Mediavine system! We know exactly what to do to ensure you are getting the highest RPM.

Transparent Pricing

We clearly outline each project item by item with estimates. Some firms will have ballooning costs and project creep. But not us. We stand by our quotes! No more gray areas and frustration.

What Can We Do?

Here are just a few of the Services we offer. Not seeing what you need? Let’s have a conversation! Odds are, we can do anything you need, and if not, we can point you in the right directions!

All Things WordPress!

Seriously, there is nothing we can’t do with WordPress. We have a lengthy Portfolio full of happy clients. Whether you need a site built from the ground up, or simple improvements to your existing site, we can handle it. We can troubleshoot plugin issues, theme issues, site speed issues, hosting issues (like SSLs or CDNs), or we can add custom design flourishes to make your site just that much more unique. We pride ourselves on improving user experience and layouts. When your site users are more engaged with your content, the more revenue you’ll make! Let us help!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We can help you sort out the confusing world of Search Engine Optimization. Not sure what your header tag structure should look like? Not even sure what a header tag is? Need help writing good Title Tags and Meta Descriptions? Are your font sizes and line heights exactly how Google wants them? Let us take the headache out of SEO for you, to maximize your Mediavine RPM, so you can focus on what you do best; producing great content your readers want!

Mediavine & AdThrive Expertise

We know both Mediavine and AdThrive! We know how to identify issues that might be causing you a dip in RPM, and we know how to get that coveted teal score. Not only that, but we have a team of expert content writers who can take your old posts that might not be long enough, and add text to get to the 1,000 word mark. We can fix SEO issues, add images, and optimize your old content to make sure you’re getting the max RPM possible on every single post you’ve written! We can even write entirely new posts for you! You provide the recipe, we write up the post text for you!

A Different Kind of Support

Prepaid Hours

Most developers provide a monthly support cost, a fee you pay each month even if they aren’t doing any work. That means you may spend thousands of dollars for a developer who has not touched your site in years! But not us! We feel that is dishonest, so we use a different, far more cost effective system! Instead of paying an set fee, you can purchase a block of prepaid support hours. These hours do not expire, and get less expensive the more you buy! We are then on call, 24/7, to assist with any website issues you might have!

Think of it like an Attorney’s Retainer. You will receive an accounting of the hours used during the previous week each Monday, as well as an update on how many prepaid hours you have remaining. We also keep a running document of all items completed, which you can review at any time. You’ll bank on our vast experience and know that we fix and build faster than nearly anyone. Your time goes a long way.

Our standard hourly rate is $160/hour, but see the discounted rates below.


The More Hours You Buy, The Greater Your Discount!


Hour Package

$120 per hour for a total cost of $1,200


Hour Package

$110 per hour for a total cost of $2,200


Hour Package

$90 per hour for a total cost of $4,500

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