How to Optimize Google Places | Tips to Optimize Google Places
How to Optimize Google Places

Those in the business of Search Engine Optimization often overlook how to effectively optimize Google Places. When approaching a strategy in regards to Google Places, remember that common sense applies, and that more is always better when it comes to how much data you can associate with your Google Places listing.   With this in mind, here are seven useful tips for Optimizing Google Places.

Make Use of Your Business Name by Including Keywords

Obviously, don’t overload your business name with keywords, but including one or two more subtle key words can make a world of difference.  Just make sure it is done in a user friendly manner, which makes logical sense to the reader.  As an example, if your business is a Video Game retailer in Minneapolis, try “Joe’s Games Minneapolis” versus “Joe’s Minneapolis Games”.

Do Not Use a 1-800 Number in Your Listing

Always use a local area code number.

Create Citations Wherever Possible

In the same way that linking is key to organic SEO, citations are critical to local SEO.  Any mention of your company name, phone number, or address is considered a citation, and when they come from proper sources, such as USWESTDEX or other yellow page websites, it will drastically increase your Google Places Optimization.

Make Use of Media Sites

Make sure you upload media files, photos, video, anything, to websites such as Flickr, Youtube, or Vimeo, and geo-tag them to your location.  Not only will this give people a chance to see your business, and interact with your employees, but it will add weight to your search result.

Be Consistent!

Make sure you use the same business name, address, and contact information that you are presenting on your website in Google Places, and across all other local websites.  Make sure to be careful with abbreviations, or different formats of your address on different third party sites, as this will impact the effectiveness of your Google Places result.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Encourage your customers, friends, family, acquaintances, and random strangers to take a moment to write a review of your business on Google Places.  Obviously, positive reviews should be the goal, as these will reflect positively on your business, but the pure number of reviews is important as well, and will increase your prominence in the search results.

Register With an E-mail That Uses Your Own Domain

Do not use a hotmail account, yahoo account, or gmail account, when you register on Google Places.  This will be just one more link back to your page, and one more presence of your domain name on Google Places.

Of course, there are many, many other things you can do to further optimize your Google Places entry, but this should be a great start for your business.  And be sure to monitor your statistics and see which methods are most effective at sending traffic to your website, and generating more clicks to your Google Places page.  Google Places SEO is all about trial and error, discovering what does and does not work, and applying that knowledge to your general SEO strategy.

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    Optimising Google place is good for business because people often search in business, these tips provided in this article will help the starters to get good response at the start, this article would be helpful for even those who are not starter but they are struggling for their place in Google.

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    This is a very informative and educative article for starters like me.Useful tips are explained well in a very understandable manner.Surely my business will not put to waste if i will have all the tips listed above followed.

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    I’d like to say thanks… A great tip for beginner, and of course it’s also very useful to maximize technology invention in order to develop business improvement.

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    Thank you for this I never thought of that. Using my website as email address is a great way to be formal and promoting our site. Good to read about this article I say good job.

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    This is actually very good advice for anyone that wants to promote a business and make it widely known. Reviews can really help in all cases as people are looking for reviews of other customers before purchasing a product or trusting a business. I am sure that if the companies follow the advice mentioned here, they will become more successful.

  8. Selinacopes

    Adding your Business in Google Places is one of the important aspect of SEO. It will boost you ranking and will sometimes increases your trustworthy among Customers. Every business should be listed along with Reviews showing different experiences people faces with you.

  9. Manroks23

    This is one the useful tips and guidelines on how to optimize and be successful in business and would immensely prove productive,having our keywords in the right place is important for ranking while stuffing keywords in the wrong place will make us look like a spammer,so we should choose our description carefully while using our primary keyword phrases,this is only one tips out of many useful tips to follow………

  10. Iya Elab

    not only is this article useful for business, but i think also for the end users like me who at times find it hard to locate the establishments i am searching for. there are times when one particular store with a single branch has too many tags in different places or even spelling of their business name is varied (inconsistent) . so yeah it would be nice if all business optimised their use of google places

  11. Oindrila Ghoshal

    I made this error of not selecting a local area code number always.That is why I am thankful that I read this today.This article provides very precise and handy tips for business and a lot of people including me will utilize the tips given here to our profit.Thanks for sharing this with us.

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    Very helpful. Some of these seem like no-brainers to do. The first tip is very useful, since I don’t think many people would think of doing subtle changes to keywords like that.

  20. Ronsky

    I do not own a business but as a consumer, Google Places really makes finding the right shop a lot easier. With just a click of the mouse, we can locate a particular place with so much ease. I hope this site will stay here for a very long time, if not forever.

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    Very informative article! This tips on search engine optimization will be really helpful if you want your site/blog/article to rank higher in search engine especially in Google. I like the tips about using media sites I believe it is one of the important thing to keep in mind.

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